Best Things to Do on the New Year Eve at Taiwan

Source: asiagreenbuildings

Source: asiagreenbuildings

For those who plan to celebrate New Year Eve at Taiwan at the end of this year, it will be great because of there many fun things you can do there.

It performs different fireworks show from Sydney Australia and there is no huge ball like in the Times Square New York City. The special New Year celebration that can be had is as followed. Continue Reading

Travel to Cherating Beach


Cherating Beach is a well-known resort zone in Pahang. The location is about 30 kilometers to the north of Kuantan Malaysia.

It is a typical small fishing village and becomes one of the most famous backpacker destinations today.

Many small hotels and guesthouses are found along the Kuantan – Kuala Terengganu road. It has the wide and nice beach and becomes the first location for the Asia’s Club Med. Continue Reading

Scoot Promotion! Belanja Yourself A Quick Escape!


Hello Singapore!

Got no plan for your next year holiday? Don’t need to go to a far destination for a holiday, just travel to Indonesia or Malaysia to relieve your stress. Grab spesial price for Scoot flights flying to Indonesia and Malaysia starting from $37. Continue Reading

Enjoy the beautiful environment in Doi Ang Khang


Doi Ang Khang is a wonderful place where you can spend some time for relaxing. Only about 3 hours from Chiang Mai, the mountainous area will treat you with the cool climate and the beautiful surrounding scenery. Travelers can have kinds of activities to enjoy the beautiful natural environment, including seeing the local tribes with their unique activities on the hills. Continue Reading

Putra Jaya Bridge, One of the Iconic Landmarks in Malaysia

Source: commons.wikimedia

Source: commons.wikimedia

Putra Jaya Bridge is one of the most amazing landmarks in Malaysia. It links the Putra Square and Boulevard, as well as the Mixed Development Precinct and the Government Precinct.

It makes the bridge as the most crucial bridge in Malaysia. It is also the longest bridge with 435 meters in length with the similar architecture design to Khaji Bridge of Iran. The great and iconic landmark make the bridge visited by many tourists every day. Continue Reading

Guide to Kanchanaburi in Thailand


Kanchanaburi in Thailand is an interesting destination to visit when you travel to Thailand. Besides the beautiful views of the river and the hectic modern center with the popular Kanchanaburi nightlife, Kanchanaburi is also interesting for the dark history. All of the histories are described in the memorials and museums established there. Continue Reading

The Best New Year’s Eve Destinations in the World


The dazzling New Year’s Eve must be celebrated in a great place with a loved one. It is coming soon and you should make the best plan for the celebration. Start by planning to travel to a perfect place where New Year has celebrated astonishingly. Some options below may become your best choices. Continue Reading

Visit PhuThap Boek Thailand; The Biggest Area for Cabbage Farms


PhuThap BoekThailand is the highest mountain in Phetchabun province, Northern Thailand. It is the center of agriculture and well-known for the Hmong population. The mountain is the biggest area for cabbage farms.

When the climate gets increasingly cold, the veggies will grow abundantly. Besides, the area is also the farm of bell peppers, strawberries, carrots, potatoes, and flowers that are planted amongst the fruits and vegetables. Continue Reading