The Most Amazing Pedestrian Bridge in the World; Langkawi Sky Bridge Malaysia

Source: BBC

Source: BBC

Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia is an amazing sky high suspension bridge on the Peak of Machinchang Mountain. The bridge establishment was completed in 2004. Designed amazingly with one 82-meters high pylon and great suspension technology on more than 100 meters high above the ground. Even though it only has a single tower, the precision design makes it very strong and balanced. Continue Reading

Enjoy The Doi Mae Hua Kham Attractions

Source: tourismthailand

Source: tourismthailand

Doi Mae Hua Kham Thailand is situated at the Moo 4, Maesalong, Mae Fah Luang, about 35 km from Etadati, the hill tribe village. Beautiful scenery is surrounding it. The golden yellow flowers always bloom in the winter. Beautiful lotus starts blooming in the middle of May throughout the mountain. Besides, it is also a great place to watch the sunrise and the beautiful morning light between the mists. Continue Reading

River Hongbao In Singapore 2018, Annual Arts & Cultural Event Not To Be Missed!

The River Hongbao Singapore 14 February 2018 to 24 February 2018 is an annual event celebrated in Marina Bay Singapore during Chinese Lunar New Year. The iconic festival has been celebrated since 1987 by the local people and the tourists alike.

The unique celebration is always held at the floating platform of Marina Bay, offering kinds of features like giant lanterns, cultural performances, and also delicious food festivals. Continue Reading

The Best Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Source: TripSavvy

The Chinese Lunar New Year is just next month. Have you planned something for the celebration? It must be great to travel to the best place to celebrate Chinese New Year, where the most colorful and cheerful celebration is always held every year for the most special Chinese holiday. Some of the best places for Chinese New Year celebration are below. Continue Reading