Traveling Tips to Phu Thok Thailand

Source: milesteppin

Source: milesteppin

Phu Thok Thailand is a sandstone consisting two hills named Phu Thok Noi and Phu Thok Yai. The name Phu Thok is derived from Isan words that mean ‘isolated mountain’. Most travelers who visit the hills enjoy climbing the 500 meters high sandstone by stepping on the wood ladders. When they arrive on the top of the hills, they find the amazing views and features of the hills. Continue Reading

Enjoy the beautiful environment in Doi Ang Khang


Doi Ang Khang is a wonderful place where you can spend some time for relaxing. Only about 3 hours from Chiang Mai, the mountainous area will treat you with the cool climate and the beautiful surrounding scenery. Travelers can have kinds of activities to enjoy the beautiful natural environment, including seeing the local tribes with their unique activities on the hills. Continue Reading

Guide to Kanchanaburi in Thailand


Kanchanaburi in Thailand is an interesting destination to visit when you travel to Thailand. Besides the beautiful views of the river and the hectic modern center with the popular Kanchanaburi nightlife, Kanchanaburi is also interesting for the dark history. All of the histories are described in the memorials and museums established there. Continue Reading

Visit PhuThap Boek Thailand; The Biggest Area for Cabbage Farms


PhuThap BoekThailand is the highest mountain in Phetchabun province, Northern Thailand. It is the center of agriculture and well-known for the Hmong population. The mountain is the biggest area for cabbage farms.

When the climate gets increasingly cold, the veggies will grow abundantly. Besides, the area is also the farm of bell peppers, strawberries, carrots, potatoes, and flowers that are planted amongst the fruits and vegetables. Continue Reading

ExploreThung Salaeng Luang National Park in Thailand


Thung Salaeng Luang National Park in Thailand is a land covered by savannah grassland and mountainous ranges.

The scope is about 16 square kilometers and full of the naturally beautiful wildflowers and pine trees.

In the national park, the streams are watershed and becoming Nan River that flows to Phitsanulok and also the next province named Phetchabun. Continue Reading