Changi Airport Opens Modern Digital Technology at Terminal 4



Changi Airport Singapore recently opens their new Terminal 4 that has been fully featured by modern digital technology. The check-in the system has been completely automated and featured by facial scanning as well as baggage drop points that have been all computerized. It’s modern digital technology but some passengers look getting difficulty when they have to do facial scanning with new digital technology. Continue Reading

Singapore Becomes the Most Powerful Passport Now


Since Paraguay decided to remove the requirements of visa from the passport holders from Singapore. The Singaporeans don’t need a visa anymore when they want to travel to Paraguay. It also means that Singapore Passport has been officially the most powerful passport in the world now. Continue Reading

Be Careful When Traveling to Japan for the Typhoon Lan



Everyone who travels to Japan or has a plan to travel to the country gets the warning to be careful. It is because of the great storm that threatens Japan in the last two days.

The flights that arrive and depart in the country must be restricted until the natural disaster calming down.

In order to avoid more victims and enjoy your traveling more, you should follow the instructions from the local government. Continue Reading

The Best Time to Buy International Flights for Summer


One of the online travel agents named Cheap Air has released new data that shows about the best time to book plane tickets for the international flights on summer holiday.

The best time to book based on the data is from 3 weeks to 3.5 months before the traveling day, and then you may get least expensive plane tickets.

However, you need to have some requirements in order to get the cheaper tickets for the high season flights. Continue Reading

Be Careful When Traveling In Southern Thailand

Malaysian police have launched a warning for the people who are going to travel to Thailand, especially to the southern Thailand.

The warning is revealed by Kelantan police since the visits to the area may not be a good idea recently.

There is still chaos condition in the southern province of Thailand and the police don’t want another Malaysian becomes the next victims of the turmoil.

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Avoid these tourist attractions Around Bali’s Mount Agung!


Everyone who plans a trip to Bali should beware of the warning status of  Agung mount volcanic can erupt on the island. Since 29 September 2017, the warning has been launched by the government because the crater has produced white smokes with the orange look inside.

The warning also makes some countries issued travel advice to their citizens that are going to travel to Bali, including Singapore, England, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Those who have been in Bali are also asked to regularly check the news updates and follow the local government’s instructions about the eruption. To avoid the dangerous areas around the volcano, don’t visit the prohibited destinations near Gunung Agung during the trip.

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