Tiger Flash Promotion on Airpaz 14 July 2016

Tiger Flash on Airpaz

Hello Singapore!

Tiger Flash is back ! Only Today! Take a direct flight from Singapore to Langkawi, Jakarta, Yangon, Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, and many other great destination starting from SGD $0 Base Fare ! Enjoy the best low cost flight from Tiger Air on Airpaz with Tiger Flash promotion. Continue Reading

New Terminal at Don Mueang International Airport

New Terminal at Don Mueang International Airport

The New Terminal at Don Mueang International Airport

Don Mueang International Airport (DMK) re-opened Terminal Two  since 24 December 2015 onwards with all domestic flight will depart from Terminal 2.

Terminal 1 operated for international flight with detail below:

Airlines Line/Row
Thai AirAsia Row 1-2
Thai Air Asia X Row 4
Orient Thai Row 5
Nok Air/Nok Scoot Line 6 – 7
Thai Lion Air Row 8

For domestic flight, check-in counter open 2 hours prior to standart departure time and will be closes 30 minutes before stadart departure time. All passengers should be at the gate 40 minutes prior to standart departure time.

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Terminal 2 operated for international flight with detail below:

Airlines Line/Row
Thai AirAsia Line 9 – 10
Thai Lion Air Row 11, 12
Orient Thai Row 11
R Airlines Row 11
Thai Smile Row 12
Nok Air Line 14 – 15

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For International flight, checkin counter open 3 hours prior to standart departure time and will be closes 45 minutes before departure time. All passengers should be at the gate 40 minutes prior to departure for boarding. Boarding gate closes 10-15 minutes before the departure time.

Passengers can check-in and drop off baggage without screening at counter check in and all baggage will be moverd for X-Ray screening at the end of the check-in row. All passengers to enter the walk-through metal detector and enter Hold baggage screening Room. If you check-in baggage triggers an alarm, you might be asked to open or remove some item.

Make sure you have enought time to follow all check-in and boarding gate procedure. Go traveling with fun ! grab cheap flights of Thai Lion Air, Thai Smile, NokAir and many more on airpaz.com. Find special promo every day on “Today’s Promotion” and Happy Traveling !(CT/RC)

AirAsia ‘No Monkey Business’ Promo till 10 January 2016

AirAsia no monkey business promo Airpaz

Hello Malaysia !

Welcome 2016 ! Enjoy AirAsia No Monkey Business Promo on Airpaz. Take your family to celebrate chinese new year abroad ! Fly from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, Kaohsiung, Ho Chi Minh City, Perth, Jakarta, Osaka, and many other great holiday destination all in fare from RM 28 ! What are you waiting for? Book Now !

Booking Date : Now till 10 January 2016

Travel Date : 1 May 2016 – 5 February 2017

Find our favorite route for AirAsia No Monkey Business Promo, below :

Destination Fare (RM) Book Now
Fly from Kuala Lumpur (KLIA2), to :
Penang 28.00 Book
Johor Bahru 28.00 Book
Alor Setar 28.00 Book
Kota Bharu 28.00 Book
Kuala Terengganu 28.00 Book
Langkawi 59.00 Book
Sibu 89.00 Book
Kuching 99.00 Book
Bintulu 109.00 Book
Labuan 109.00 Book
Miri 109.00 Book
Kota Kinabalu 129.00 Book
Sandakan 129.00 Book
Tawau 129.00 Book
Dhaka 339.00 Book
Brunei 109.00 Book
Changsha 219.00 Book
Guangzhou 199.00 Book
Guilin 189.00 Book
Kunming 209.00 Book
Nanning 209.00 Book
Shenzhen 199.00 Book
Hong Kong 179.00 Book
Bali 129.00 Book
Balikpapan 169.00 Book
Bandung 89.00 Book
Jakarta 69.00 Book
Lombok 129.00 Book
Makassar 179.00 Book
Medan 59.00 Book
Padang 89.00 Book
Palembang 69.00 Book
Pekanbaru 69.00 Book
Pontianak 129.00 Book
Semarang 149.00 Book
Solo 129.00 Book
Surabaya 69.00 Book
Jogjakarta 99.00 Book
Bengaluru 269.00 Book
Chennai 249.00 Book
Goa 239.00 Book
Kolkata 269.00 Book
New Delhi 299.00 Book
Phnom Penh 89.00 Book
Siem Reap 89.00 Book
Vientiane 169.00 Book
Yangon 139.00 Book
Macau 169.00 Book
Male 349.00 Book
Cebu 229.00 Book
Kalibo 199.00 Book
Manila 199.00 Book
Singapore 249.00 Book
Bangkok 99.00 Book
Chiang Mai 129.00 Book
Hat Yai 59.00 Book
Khon Kaen 244.00 Book
Krabi 99.00 Book
Pattaya 89.00 Book
Phuket 79.00 Book
Kaohsiung 229.00 Book
Da Nang 149.00 Book
Hanoi 179.00 Book
Ho Chi Minh City 89.00 Book
Gold Coast 329.00 Book
Melbourne 329.00 Book
Perth 249.00 Book
Sydney 349.00 Book
Beijing 299.00 Book
Chengdu 249.00 Book
Chongqing 209.00 Book
Hangzhou 229.00 Book
Shanghai 249.00 Book
Xi’an 229.00 Book
Osaka 329.00 Book
Sapporo 349.00 Book
Tokyo 329.00 Book
Busan 249.00 Book
Seoul 299.00 Book
Colombo 239.00 Book
Kathmandu 249.00 Book
Taipei 249.00 Book
Fly from Kota Kinabalu, to :
Miri 59.00 Book
Sandakan 59.00 Book
Tawau 59.00 Book
Kuching 89.00 Book
Johor Bahru 109.00 Book
Kota Bharu 109.00 Book
Kuala Lumpur 129.00 Book
Penang 129.00 Book
Dhaka 544.00 Book
Guangzhou 189.00 Book
Hangzhou 189.00 Book
Shanghai 454.00 Book
Shenzhen 189.00 Book
Wuhan 189.00 Book
Hong Kong 189.00 Book
Bali 179.00 Book
Balikpapan 374.00 Book
Jakarta 159.00 Book
Goa 484.00 Book
Manila 199.00 Book
Singapore 99.00 Book
Pattaya 294.00 Book
Taipei 179.00 Book
Hanoi 384.00 Book
Fly from Kuching, to :
Bintulu 59.00 Book
Miri 59.00 Book
Sibu 59.00 Book
Johor Bahru 69.00 Book
Kota Kinabalu 89.00 Book
Kuala Lumpur 99.00 Book
Penang 99.00 Book
Kota Bharu 99.00 Book
Dhaka 515.00 Book
Shanghai 425.00 Book
Balikpapan 345.00 Book
Singapore 99.00 Book
Pattaya 265.00 Book
Kaohsiung 405.00 Book
Fly from Penang, to :
Kuala Lumpur 28.00 Book
Langkawi 28.00 Book
Johor Bahru 59.00 Book
Kuching 99.00 Book
Miri 109.00 Book
Kota Kinabalu 129.00 Book
Dhaka 449.00 Book
Brunei 219.00 Book
Balikpapan 279.00 Book
Aceh 209.00 Book
Jakarta 2019.00 Book
Medan 49.00 Book
Pontianak 239.00 Book
Surabaya 159.00 Book
Male 459.00 Book
Singapore 89.00 Book
Bangkok 179.00 Book
Chiang Rai 297.00 Book
Pattaya 199.00 Book
Kaohsiung 339.00 Book
Hanoi 289.00 Book
Ho Chi Minh City 109.00 Book
More Destination …

Travel Notes

– Advanced booking required.
– Fares are not available during embargo period

Tips: Click “Best Fare” after you seach flights to find available promo everyday each month on airpaz.com

Happy Traveling !

Promo Thai Lion Air on Christmas till 25 December 2015

Promo Christmas Thai Lion Air till 25 December 2015 on Airpaz


Welcome Christmas, Grab Christmas Season Promo with Thai Lion Air fly from Don Meang to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani, Krabi, Phuket, Surat Thani, Hat Yai, Nakhon si Thammarat start from THB 625. Enjoy promo flights from Hat Yai to Udon Thani only THB 1.625.

Booking Period: 18 – 25 December, 2015

Travel Period: 06 Jan – 29 Feb, 2016

Select and book your travel destinations below;

From Bangkok (DMK) to: Price (THB) Book
Chiang Mai 625.00 Book
Chiang Rai 625.00 Book
Udon Thani 625.00 Book
Ubon Ratchathani 625.00 Book
Hat Yai 625.00 Book
Krabi 625.00 Book
Surat Thani 625.00 Book
Phuket 625.00 Book
Nakhon Si Thammarat 625.00 Book
Departure from Hat Yai to:
Udon Thani 1.625.00 Book

Grab more cheap flightsand promo to destinations of Thai Lion Air below:

Departure Arrival Price (THB) Book
Chiang Rai Bangkok 618 Book
Chiang Mai Bangkok 815 Book
Hatyai Bangkok 618 Book
Krabi Bangkok 568 Book
Nakhon Si Thammarat Bangkok 566 Book
more destinations…


– Fare are effective for booking during 18 – 25 December 2015 only

– Fare are effective for travelling during 06 Jan – 29 Feb 2016

– Price starts THB 625.00 and THB 1.625 as table above

– All taxes and surcharges are included

– Free baggage allowance 15kgs

– Free sport equipment allowance 15Kg

– Free snack on board

 Read : Promo Nok Air Christmas Season till 28 December 2015

Mark your calender and travel now with Thai Lion Air promotion. Grab more promo and cheap flights on our  Today’s Promo. 

Happy Traveling!