Guide to Wat Pho Temple Thailand

Source: Wikimedia.commons

Source: Wikimedia.commons

Wat Pho Temple in Thailand is also commonly called as a Temple of Reclining Buddha. It belongs to the most interesting temples to visit in Thailand.

The Wat Pho location is in the south of Grand Palace so that the visitors of the palace commonly also see the temple as the part of their tour on the Chao Phraya River. Continue Reading

Best Place to Travel in Asia when Pregnant


Scheduling a babymoon trip must make your pregnancy more enjoyable and wonderful.

Not only the preparations of health and safeness during the babymoon trip, but you also need to choose a destination that you will like and enjoy the most.

If you plan to have babymoon time in Asia only, there are several great destinations that become the best places to travel in Asia when pregnant. Continue Reading

Some Reviews about Siam Niramit in Bangkok

Source: Tapoma

Source: Tapoma

For those who are interested in the traditional cultures of Thailand, then you should see Siam Niramit in Bangkok. It is a destination where you can watch the cultural show made in a very entertaining way. Continue Reading

Tips for Taking Vacation Photos

Source: blogcatalog

Source: blogcatalog

It is important to take vacation photos well as long as the traveling. It will tell everyone who sees it about the trip story from the beginning to the end.

Take the pictures of the important moments so the pictures will tell all without any captions. It is including the suitcase content before leaving, the airplane or car window views, as well as the places and people you meet. Continue Reading

Madame Tussauds Thailand Guides


Madame Tussauds Thailand should become one of the destinations to go when you travel to Bangkok Thailand. It is an amazing wax museum and all people amaze of the wax statues exhibited because they are made to be kinds of public figures in perfectly look like the real figures.

The Madame Tussauds Bangkok is designed with the revolutionary concept where all visitors not only can see the statues, but also touch, play, hug, and even kiss them. Continue Reading

Tips to travel around the world on low budget

Foto: KLM

Foto: KLM

Most people think that traveling around the world is always expensive. However, it is still possible to travel to kinds of international destination when you are on a tight budget. Some tips below will make you learn about how to travel the world on a low budget. Continue Reading