A Brief Guide to Koh Chang in Thailand

source: diveprice

source: diveprice

Koh Chang in Thailand is the second largest island in the country, located in Trat Province, eastern Thailand. The island with the white sandy beaches is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand.

Most visitors love the island as a great place for diving, snorkeling and hiking through the jungle. It also houses kinds of wild animals such as elephants, birds, deer, and snakes. Continue Reading

What Do I Do If I Lost My Passport While Traveling?


It must be so stressful if you lose your passport or it is stolen when you are traveling to a foreign country. However, you can handle this problem quite easily if you have the digital picture or photocopy of your passport. The copy will become the proof of your citizenship. Some tips below may be helpful when you lose your passport when you are abroad. Continue Reading

How to Travel on a Plane with a 1-Year-Old


Traveling by plane with the one-year-old child is always challenging for most parents. The age can’t be called as an infant age anymore, but it also hasn’t been fully toddler. It is better to call them as a young toddler. Your baby must be more active in the young toddler age. Continue Reading

The Best Beach Resorts in the World for Families

Source: Kuoni

Source: Kuoni

The best family beach resort must give perfect experiences and excitement during your vacation with beloved family.

It will be a complete trip since you will get the wonderful views of the ocean, comfortable rooms, and all day long activities.

According to the survey result of Parents website, there are some best beach resorts in the world for families. Find some of them below. Continue Reading

Similan Island Phuket Thailand Guides

Source: Similan island.com

Source: Similan island.com

Similan Islands Phuket Thailand is a national park covering totally 140 square km. There are nine islands making archipelago in the national park. For those who love scuba diving and snorkeling, then Similan Island is the best place to go. Continue Reading

The Reasons of Why You Should Travel Alone At Least Once In Your Life

Source: iTraveliBlog

Source: iTraveliBlog

Traveling alone or also called solo traveling should be something fun to try by everyone at least once in life. It is a fun way to travel to a destination because you will find many valuable experiences and more challenging adventure.

For some people, traveling alone might be riskier for some reasons, especially for women. But there are much more reasons of why you should travel alone at least once in your life. Find some of the reasons are below. Continue Reading

Tips to Respect the Rules and Cultures in Singapore


Traveling to any country in all over the world always demand you to respect all of the rules and cultures of the local people, including in Singapore. This small country is a home of some cultural societies that make it having great diversity, such as Indian, Chinese, Malay, etc.

The various types of people make you should know their cultures so that you can act well to show your respect. In order to travel safely and more enjoyable, make sure you know the rules to obey and local cultures of the people to respect as long as in Singapore. Continue Reading

Guide to Suphattra Land Thailand


For those who want to try another tourism attraction that is unique from the beaches and temples in Thailand, Suphattra Land Thailand will become a great choice. Located in Rayong, the destination is also a perfect one for the fruits and vegetable lovers.

Suphattra Land Bangkok is the paradise of local tropical fruits and veggies, which are organic and freshly picked. Visitors can learn about general knowledge about agriculture there and then view the 320 acres plantations with cable car and pick as well as taste the delicious fruits.

Continue Reading