Mega Sale Carnival Airasia on Airpaz till 3 April 2016

AirAsia China Mega Sale Carnival Airpaz Promo

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Grab best promo and cheap flights fly from Changsa to Chiang Mai start from CNY338.

Plan  your traveling with family and friends with Mega Sale Carnival Promo fly from China to Kuala Lumpur, Pattaya, Kota Kinabalu, Krabi, Lombok, Langkawi and many more destinations start from CNY188.

Find more your traveling destinations belows:

Fly from Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing to:

Destinations Fare (CNY) Book
K. Lumpur 628.00 Book
Bandung 977.00  Book
K. Kinabalu 929.00 Book
 Jakarta 926.00 Book
 Chiang Mai  919.00 Book
 Bangkok  919.00 Book
 Bali, Denpasar  994.00 Book
 Phuket  902.00 Book
Kota Bharu 816.00 Book
 Johor Bahru  1.459.00 Book
Krabi 909.00 Book
Langkawi 864.00 Book
Lombok 994.00 Book
Melbourne 1.019.00 Book
Singapore 789.00 Book
Surabaya 892.00 Book
Fly from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, to:
Bangkok 608.00 Book
Kuala Lumpur 588.00 Book
Fly from Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou, to:
Krabi 588.00 Book
Langkawi 388.00 Book
Kuala Lumpur 588.00 Book
Kota Kinabalu 588.00 Book
more destinations..

Grab more special new routes fly direct from Shantou to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur  Start From CNY188. 


  • Booking in advance required
  • Fares are not available during embargo period

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Scoot Escape to Guangzhou Promo till 18 January 2016

Scoot Escape to Guangzhou promo 12 January 2016

Hello Singapore !

Extend your holiday to China ! Get the best promotional fare with Scoot Escape to Guangzhou promo on Airpaz. Take your family and friends from Singapore to Guangzhou with the cheapest fare from $ 28. or Fly from Hong Kong to Singapore with fantastic fare from $48. What are you waiting for? this promo is for limited time only. Book Now

Book Period : Now till 18 January 2016

Travel Period : 16 – 20 January 2016 (Singapore – Guangzhou)

20 – 25 January 2016 (Hong Kong – Singapore)

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Scoot Promo 12 January 2016 Airpaz

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Promo AirAsia Thailand Discount 50% till 8 November 2015

Airpaz AirAsia Thailand China 50percent promo

Hi Thailand !

Let’s Discover the land ancient treasures and modern wonders, China. Explore the natural beauty, fascinating heritage, mouth-watering cuisine, and state-of-the-art cities that span 5,000 years of culture and history.  Now is the time to discover beautiful China, like never before because we have 50% Discount promo with AirAsia for every destination to China from Thailand on Airpaz !

Booking Period : Now till 8 November 2015

Travel Period : Now till  31 Januari 2016

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Airpaz AirAsia Thailand New Route Promo

Travel Notes

– Advanced booking required.
– Fares are not available during embargo period.

You can see AirAsia new route fare as below :

Destination Fare (THB) Travel Period Book Now
Fly from Chiang Mai to :
Pattaya 590 27 Nov 2015 – 26 Oct 2016 Book
Fly from Hat Yai to :
Pattaya 590 3 Dec 2015 – 29 Oct 2016 Book
Fly from Utapao, Pattaya to :
Chiang Mai 590 27 Nov 2015 – 26 Oct 2016 Book
Udon Thani 590 27 Nov 2015 – 26 Oct 2016 Book
Hat Yai 590 3 Dec 2015 – 29 Oct 2016 Book
Fly from Udon Thani to :
Pattaya 590 27 Nov 2015 – 26 Oct 2016 Book

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Bhutan, Land of The Thunder Dragon

Bhutan Blog Airpaz

Imagine a heavenly country with forest – clad mountains and magnificent waterfalls where happiness is the guiding principal of goverment, a 21st century Shangri-La

The Kingdom of Bhutan “The Land of Thunder Dragon”, is one of the serene place on the earth and the only country in the world to retain the Tantric form of Mahayana Buddhism as its official religion. Bhutan is a small Himalaya country east of Nepal, nestled between China and India.

An Independent study ranked Bhutan as the planet’s 8 happiest place. And Based on global survey in 2006, Buthan is the happiest country in Asia.

The King and Queen of Bhutan

The King and Queen of Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the most isolated countries on this planet and a purely Buddhist Kingdom which is has the world’s greatest concentration of peaks. The main points of entry by air is through paro by Druk Air, The National airline of Bhutan. You may go via Phuentholing in the south, which links Bhutan with Indian plains of West Bengal and via Gelephu & Samdrup Jongkhar, which links Bhutan with the Indian state of Assam.

Want to visit Bhutan? why not? who knows that you will be the happiest person in the world 🙂