These 10 Filipino Cuisines Will Make You Drool Like Crazy

If you have a holiday in the Philippines, you will explore the natural beauty of the Philippines with beautiful white-sand beaches. It is not only about the beauty of nature but it is about the culinary.

Filipino cuisine is always tasty to eat. It saves the enchantment of culinary taste for tourists. To make your holiday and trip fun, you can try to taste ten unique Filipino cuisines. It will make it difficult to move on from the Philippines.

1. Sinigang


Sinigang is a Filipino soup cuisine containing vegetables and meat with sour sauce. The sour taste is from tamarind, young mangoes, guava, Calamansi orange, and others.

You can eat Sinigang with pork ribs and tamarind sauce in the restaurant. You may select the most popular selling Sinigang.

You can select the sour sauce from tamarind or guava. Though it tastes sour, it makes you keep eating because it tastes fresh. The shape and taste are like Juhu but it tastes so sour.

This cuisine is regarded to be a national Filipino cuisine because you can find it in every area in the Philippines. Every region has a distinct version.

Sinigang is great for relieving throat pain. It makes your throat warm with the sour sauce taste. 

2. Sisig


Sisig is a Filipino cuisine made of the liver and head of a pig.

The cooking ways are pig head boiled to remove fur and make it gentle. Then, you chop it together with the liver. After that, bake it and add slices of onion and serve it on the hot plate.

Sisig tastes so delicious. When you go to the Philippines, don’t forget to include it in your culinary tour list. You can taste it from different restaurants selling the tastiest Sisig.

Every restaurant sells different tastes of Sisig. You can explore it to find the most delicious ones while enjoying the nature of the Philippines.

3. Crispy Pata


Crispy Pata is pig legs fried dry and eaten with a mixture of sauce, vinegar, and soy sauce. This food is similar to Schweinshaxe, fried pig legs from Germany.

Crispy Pata is so delicious when you eat it while drinking beer. You can eat it as a snack. However, you can eat it with rice or noodles if you love it. You will not get disappointed eating this cuisine.

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4. Lechon Kawali


Lechon kawali is the next Filipino cuisine to taste. It is pork belly fried dry.

Lechon comes from Spanish meaning a piglet and kawali is a crock. It means that lechon kawali is a fried piglet cooked with the use of a crock.

You can find lechon kawali easily in Manila because many restaurants or food stalls sell this cuisine. You can eat lechon kawali by drinking a glass of beer. It is a perfect combination to eat lechon kawali.

Even Anthony Bourdain, a famous American chef, claims that lechon kawali is the most delicious food with the main ingredient of pork. Thus, you must taste it when visiting the Philippines.

5. Adobo


Adobo is a kind of cuisine with the main ingredient of pork or chicken, but you can find some adobo recipes in the Philippines with vegetables as the main ingredient. The main ingredient is then marinated with vinegar, salty soy sauce, garlic, and black pepper.

The taste of Adobo is sour but the flesh is so soft and gentle. The seasoning of this cuisine is also absorbed into the inside flesh.

It is like sinigang in which adobo is often claimed to be a national Filipino cuisine because you can find it anywhere with different variants when you visit the Philippines.

6. Ensaymada


Besides hunting for salty Filipino cuisine, you can also taste sweet foods in the Philippines.

One of the sweet foods is ensaymada. It is a kind of brioche made of butter and cheese and sugar topping. It can use various toppings for particular and special days like buttercream and sugar.

The taste of ensaymada is mild like brioche. But, the cheese and sugar add a sweet and salty taste to this cuisine.

7. Gising-Gising


Gising-gising is a Filipino cuisine with the main ingredient of vegetables. It’s beans with slices of pork cooked in coconut cream sauce. The taste of this cuisine is fairly spicy. Though it is a kind of vegetable cuisine, the coconut cream is so thick. If you dislike coconut cream, the dish might be too much for you.

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8. Kare-Kare


If you love soupy food, kare-kare can be an alternative cuisine. It is an oxtail soup and beef tripe with the sauce, made of fried nuts, bagoong traditional season, Calamansi orange squeeze, and some seasonings.

It has a strong taste and refreshes your throat. You can eat it with a plate of rice. This Filipino cuisine is ready to make you full. It is a good alternative cuisine for people disliking pork cuisine because the main ingredient is beef. 

9. Taba Ng Talangka 

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Taba Ng Talangka is a typical Filipino seasoning made of crab preparations with a salty taste. It is usually bought in a paste form used for some kinds of Filipino cuisine.

If you want to taste this traditional seasoning, you can mix it with noodles or rice. It looks like a different fried rice or noodle recipe with a different taste when you add this secret seasoning. It is a nice option for those tourists who dislike pork seasoning. It is as tasty as pork cuisine.

10. Balut


Balut is one of the popular Filipino cuisines. This traditional cuisine is so extreme because it is made of chicken or duck eggs aged 18-21 days.

It means that the eggs have been embryos. You can swallow it when you want to taste it. This unique Filipino cuisine is famous for its tonic.

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Those are some unique and delicious Filipino cuisine to try while visiting the Philippines. Which one is on your top list to try?

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