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10 Things to do to survive flight cancellations and delays

10 things to do to survive flight cancellation and delays copy

Nobody wants to have flight delays. It will make you come late to an important meeting. Or you can lose your reservations for things such as hotel rooms, tour packages, trips etc. So, what to do to survive flight cancellations and delays? Airpaz is going to share with you these 10 things :

1. Book a morning flight

Yes, you might need to wake up earlier in the morning for this. Or maybe you don’t even need to sleep if you are a night owl persons. A morning flight is less likely to be delayed or cancelled.

2. Choose a nonstop flight

When you are booking a ticket, it is better to book a direct flight. With this choice, you won’t miss the connecting flight and face multiple delays.

3. Check the reputation of the airline

There are several airlines which have certain reputatuiions of delays and canceling flights. This is especially important to check if you will fly for a business trip and need to always be on-time. time is precious.

4. Search for airport regulation

Every airport has its own regulation about delays and cancellation. Finding out about compensations to flight passengers will help you understand what steps to take next. Are you going to wait? or are you going to book a new flight?

5. Call or check the airline’s website

Call the airline or check its website if there is any flight delay, cancellation or flight reschedule.

6. Change the flight quickly

When you have to the information about a flight delays and cancellation, you also need to check the reason or the waiting time. If the airline staff can’t give you a proper explanation and you have an urgent business meeting, consider booking another airline. It’s better to secure your seat.

7. Remember to put essential stuffs in your hand-carry

You should pack essential stuff in a hand-carry such as toiletries, books, laptop, chargers, and jacket. It will be difficult to ask for your luggage after check-in.

8. Get refreshments in the VIP lounge

Some brands of credit cards facilitates you to stay and dine in the VIP lounge. Several lounges might allow you to pay for a meal in if you don’t have the credit card. While waiting for your flight, you need to keep your stomach full, get some refreshment and rest.

9. Keep your phone on

Let your family and colleagues know that you will be late. Contact them and please keep your phone or tablet on.

10. Have fun

When your flight is delayed for 2 hours or more, you can always have some fun. You can take a walk, go shopping or visit the downtown.

We believe you aregoing to survive flight delays and cancellation if you follow these 10 tips. if you are interested in cheap flights, please visit

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