Flying with Infants and Toddlers? Here are the 10 Tips!

Bringing infants and toddlers for traveling is quite challenging. You need to be prepared for their needs. And you have to always be ready to catch their attention so they don’t go look for attention from your fellow flight passengers. So, what should we do? Here are 10 tips for flying with infants and toddlers from Airpaz.

Tips for Flying with Infants and Toddlers

Flying with Infants and Toddlers

1. Keeping your distance short

Before you book a cheap flight from Airpaz, you need to keep in mind to choose a short distance flight. If you are bringin an infant or a toddler, a maximum 3-hour flights is the best choice.

2. Bringing food and snacks on board

You need to prepare some food and snacks if they are hungry, This is because most of the airlines don’t provide food for them.

3. Requesting or booking the front rows

If you have active toddlers, please request or book front rows so he/she can have enough space to play or move around (if possible).

4. Feeding your infant during take off or landing.

During take off or landing, the pressure can make your infant’s ears hurt, It is better to give them milk to calm them down in such situations.

5. Prepare a suitcases for kids

There are a suitcases made just for kids and you can put it under their seat. Inside the suitcase, you can put in some toys, their favorite storybook, etc.

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6. Download games or movies on your tablet.

To entertain the kids, you can download games or movies for kids. Be sure to read the game and movie reviews first to filter the things you want your children to see.

7. Bring extra clothing and wipes

Active toddlers or intants are easier to get sweaty and dirty. It’s okay. You just need to prepare extra clothes and wipes so they will always stay clean.

8. Coming to the airport

Since you are bringing kids, you may need to bring water or milk. So, you need to arrive at the airport earlier to prepare for this so you won’t be delayed because of security checking.

9. Stay alert

Don’t let your infants or toddlers unattended. Please keep your eyes on them. If you want to go shopping, let your spouse or your travel mate take care of them for a while.

10. Pillow is for comfort

A pillow is good for kids. The more comfortable they are, the easier it is for them to sleep. And you can enjoy the flight.

So, are you ready to bring your infants and toddlers along?

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