3 Best Diving Spots in Malaysia to Explore Now

Malaysia has so many wonderful tourism places. There is also a stunning panorama you can enjoy. For you who love diving, Malaysia has the best diving spots to explore. One of them even considered the best diving spot in the world. The list below helps you find the real paradise for all divers either beginners or professionals. Just make sure to prepare yourself watching the amazing underwater view directly.

3 Best Diving Spots in Malaysia

Here is the list of the best diving spots you can explore in Malaysia:

1. Mabul Island

Diving Spots in Malaysia - Mabul Island

This beautiful island is located in Sabah area. Sabah itself is located in northern part of Borneo Island. The underwater beauty of Mabul Island is truly stunning. In addition, the diversity of marine biota here will make you not want to leave. As one of the best tourist attractions in Malaysia, Mabul Island has quite complete facilities. The island provides several interesting accommodations.

2. Sipadan Island

Diving Spots in Malaysia - Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island is one of the most favourite diving spots in Malaysia. This charming island is also known as one of the most famous and best diving spots in the world, considered by UNESCO and international divers including by international diving magazines. This island is located not far from the centre of Sabah. The underwater beauty is really amazing. Many international divers are also amazed.

3. Lankayan Island

Lankayan is just another beautiful island located not so far from Sabah and still in the Sabah area. Many tourists and divers consider this island is just like another Maldives. That is because of the beauty of the island, beaches and of course the underwater scenery. This island is like a paradise for divers. Here, there are some wonderful diving spots ready to explore.

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Reasons to Choose The Islands

There are some reasons to choose those three islands. They are:

  1. Those three islands are close to Sabah area, the northern part of Borneo Island.
  2. There are easy transportations.
  3. There are some options for inns to stay.
  4. The price is cheap.
  5. There are some amazing diving spots ready to touch and explore.
  6. The underwater scenery is truly unbelievable since the government keep them well.
  7. One of them is the best diving spot in the world
  8. Starting from beginner divers to professional divers can select the spot based on their diving skills.

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How to Go

To reach those best diving spots, you can take a plane from Kuala Lumpur Airport to Tawau or Sandakan airport. Then, from Tawau or Sandakan airport, you can use a bus or taxi to get to Semporna. If you start from Tawau, it takes approximately 1.5 hours away. You can also go to Mabul Island since there are many options for inns there. From Semporna to those three islands, you can rent a speedboat.

Best Time to Visit

Sure, diving in those spots will give you more experiences that are amazing. You can contact directly with small fishes, look at the wonderful underwater scenery with more plants and small animals in beautiful colours. Do not forget to bring your underwater camera to capture your best moment. Just remember to go there in the right season. It is in summer or dry season that starts from Mei to October. However, those islands are always beautiful no matter when you visit them.

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