3 Top Islands in Eastern Visayas Philippines

Eastern Visayas Philippines

Eastern Visayas Philippines belongs to underrated destinations in the country because most part of the regions is typhoon highway. However, the regions house wonderful natural beauty and peaceful island gateways. So visiting the region will make the negative side unseen.

Canigao Island

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

Canigao Island is an outstanding Eastern Visayas uninhabited island situated in Matalom, Leyte, only about 15-20 minutes from the town by a ferry. You can enjoy all of the natural features of the island with the white powdery sandy beach.

The island also provides some cottages to book if you choose to stay for one or more nights. The activities to have could be snorkeling, swimming in the clear turquoise water, or just walking on the white sandy beach. It is recommended to bring your own foods and water when you travel to the island.

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Cuatro Islas

Source: youtube.com
Source: Youtube

Cuatro Islas means “Four Islands” in English. It is another wonderful destination closes to Matalom, Leyte. The four beautiful islands named Apid, Himokilan, Digyo, and Mahabaare situated between Hindang and Inopacan towns in Leyte.

Those islands have the similar features such as white sands, green vegetation, sandbars, blue sea waters, and also the amazing marine life. When you visit Cuatro Islas, you can step on each island easily by riding a boat in a short time of sailing.

Kalanggaman Island

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Kalanggaman Island is located in Palompon, Leyte. It is not as famous as Boracay but it has the similar beauty of crystal clear and calm water and also the sparkling white sandy beach. The island starts becoming well-known since 2013 after the MV Europa Cruise Line ship stopped close to the island and allow the guests to walk around the island in two hours.

The island has two sandbars on the two sides of the island. However, the local government limits the sums of visitors for the island; only up to 500 visitors per day. So, make sure you book the trip to Kalanggaman Island in advance before it is full of the other visitors. Besides, don’t forget to bring your diving gears too because the island has the amazing underwater world to explore.

It must be amazing to travel to a beautiful tropical island with tranquility atmosphere and calm seawater to enjoy. Then Eastern Visayas should be the best destination.

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