4 Recommended Places to Stay in Bali Airport Hotels

Having a long-hours flight must be exhausting. Especially if you need to transfer to more than a flight. However, now you can rest and get your energy back by having a sleepover at a hotel. If you are about to visit Bali and just arrive at the airport, you need to see this list of recommended Bali Airport hotels.

Bali Airport Hotels

Bali Airport Hotels
Bali Airport Hotels / Unsplash

There are mainly two types of hotel. The first is the hotel inside the airport area. Usually this hotel is within a walking distance. Moreover, they are close to arrival and departure gate

The second type of hotel is the one near the airport. For a hotel near Bali airport, its location usually is outside the airport area. You may also need additional transportation to reach there.

Either inside or outside the airport, in Ngurah Rai Airport, you will have a huge selection of hotels providing you with various facilities and benefits.

These 4 hotels below are recommended if you want to stay near the airport or take a rest before your next flight.

Some hotels carry a permission to operate inside the airport area. Since it is to give passengers a convenient place to stay-in without having to go far. These hotels are among the ones inside the airport.

1. PassGo Digital Hotel Bali

PassGo Digital Hotel Bali
PassGo Digital Hotel Bali / Pixabay

PassGohotel is one of the nearest Bali airport hotels. You can reach this hotel by going to the second floor of the international terminal. It is not a five-star hotel with luxurious benefits but this one is good for travelers who just want to have a quick nap before catching the next flight.

As a result, you will not find pools or other recreational facilities, but you will get these:

  • Free internet access
  • Free parking
  • Free toiletries

 while you stay at this hotel. Going out to the arrival or departure gate is also only a few meters away. The price is super cheap with less than 20 USD for a night.

2. Novotel Bali Airport

Novotel Bali Airport
Novotel Bali Airport / Pixabay

This infamous hotel is located right in the airport. You can even see the front building before you land.  Novotel International Hotel Bali is a four-star hotel from Accor Group that provides excellent service for flight passengers.

The location is also easy to find near the domestic terminal. If you need a place to stay near the airport, Novotel Bali Airport is a perfect place to stay.

Moreover, it offers excellent Bali airport accommodation as well. Its location is just 5-minutes’ walk or 100 meters from the airport.

The hotels provide many facilities such as:

  • Free airport shuttle
  • Swimming pool
  • Bar
  • Room service
  • Room amenities
  • Parking area
  • Free internet connection

Novotel is a relatively new hotel with fresh design and facilities. It also gives you a convenient distance as it is a hotel near Bali airport. If you want to stay here, the hotel fare is about 70 – 100 USD per night.

There are many hotels that are relatively close to the airport. Unlike the previous two which you can reach by walking, these hotels are a little bit further, but you can still reach it by shuttle or taxi.

3. Hilton Garden Bali

Hilton Garden Bali
Hilton Garden Bali / Unsplash

Hilton Garden Inn offers a refreshing stay in a tropical atmosphere amidst the busy traffic of an airport. Also, it has a summer vibe with coconut trees decorating the swimming pool. Not only that, it is also 500 meters away from the airport, you can reach Bali airport hotel Hilton by taxi or local bus.

When you book a room here, you will get these facilities:

  • Swimming pool
  • Health fitness service/gym
  • Restaurant
  • Smoking-free room
  • Concierge service
  • Free parking
  • Laundry

You can also enjoy a leisure time by sitting near a coconut tree or swimming surrounded by greenery around the pool. As for the rate, it starts from 30 – 120 USD only. It is affordable and convenient as it is near Ngurah Rai Airport.

Best Hotel Recommendations

4. Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali

Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali
Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali / businesstravelnews.com

Do you want to have a staycation that is not too far from the airport? The Baruna Bali resort will provide you an experience as if you are living near the beach.

Moreover, the hotel is 900 meters away from the airport. You can go by taxi, shuttle bus, or online transportation to reach there. Being a 4-stars hotel, the resort offers you numerous great facilities such as:

  • Two swimming pools
  • Free Bali airport hotel shuttle
  • Spa
  • Kids-friendly buffet dining
  • Toiletries
  • Picnic site
  • Room service
  • Currency exchange

With all those facilities, you can book a room starting from 90 – 160 USD only.

Staying in Bali is recommended for you who just want to have a relaxing time and appreciate the beauty of the city. You can book hotels and flights through Airpaz. In addition, Airpaz is free and easy to access for immediate booking. That is all about Bali Airport hotels you need to know. Have a fun vacation!


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