4 Recommended Haneda Airport Hotel to Stay

An international flight can take hours, even having to transfer between two flights. As it was exhausting, it is better for you to have a rest at one of the hotel’s rooms. For this very reason as well, you can see many choices of Haneda airport hotel around for people to stay either for short or long time.

Here is the list of hotels around the Haneda airport along with the facilities and the rate.

Haneda Airport Hotel Recommendations

Hotel Inside Airport
Hotel Inside Airport / unsplash

With its international quality, the Haneda airport provides hotels that are directly connected to the terminal. Hence, passengers do not need to go far from the arrival gate to have a comfortable stay and a quick nap. The following hotels are listed below.

1. Haneda Excel Hotel

Haneda Excel Hotel
Haneda Excel Hotel / Unsplash

The first hotel inside Haneda airport is Haneda Excel Hotel. It provides a five-star service with comfortable rooms and sufficient service. In this hotel, you can also book a twin or double-bed room. The following list is the facilities in Haneda Excel Hotel

  • Non-Smoking Room

All rooms in this hotel have a fire alarm that detects smoke. Therefore, the guests are not allowed to smoke and make sure the room has clear air.

  • Room Service

 A guest can order meals directly from their room through the wired telephone. You can order and wait for the staff to deliver your food.

  • Currency Exchange

As a foreigner, you do not need to worry about not having local currency. This hotel provides currency exchange so you can freely use your money.

Other facilities in this hotel are restaurant, wake-up service, laundry & dry cleaning. As for the rate of the hotel, it ranges from 315 to 360 USD a night.

2. The Royal Park Hotel Haneda

The Royal Park Hotel Haneda
The Royal Park Hotel Haneda / Unsplash

The second hotel is directly connected to terminal 2 of Haneda airport. This Haneda airport transit hotel is an exceptional hotel with five-stars service quality. It has spacious room’s choices with a twin, queen, and suite or executive room. Moreover, you can also get these facilities:

  • Free Internet Connection

The Internet is everywhere in this hotel. You can find free wifi connection not only in your room but in every corner of the hotel including restaurant, rest area, and receptionist desk.

  • Satellite and Prepaid Television

The next facility you can enjoy in Royal Park Hotel is television. With the prepaid service, you can choose your favorite channel and also enjoy your staycation without any disturbance.

  • Family Room

If you bring your family members on your trip, staying in this hotel is suitable for your needs. Since it provides a family room, you can book one room for the whole family. The room is spacious enough for 3 to 5 people.

Other facilities in this hotel are restaurant, currency exchange, and daily cleaning. As for the rate, it charges you 20.000 to 30.000 yen per night.

Some passengers want to stay close to the airport while waiting for their next flight. Therefore there is another option of staying in the hotel near Haneda airport. Here is the list of recommended hotels you can check.

3. Haneda Kekyu Ex Inn

Haneda Kekyu Ex Inn
Haneda Kekyu Ex Inn / Unsplash

The first recommended hotel close to Haneda airport is Kekyu Ex Inn. This hotel is 1,9 kilometers away from terminal 2. Moreover, it provides a free shuttle service where the hotel’s staff will pick you up once you arrive at the airport. It also helps you get your next flight easily as the shuttle is also available after checking out.

Facilities you can get in this hotel are:

  • Daily Cleaning

The hotel provides housekeepers where they will clean your room regularly. They usually come at a specific time to clean and tidy up your room. Therefore, you do not have to clean your room by yourself.

  • 24 Hours Receptionist Desk

Does your flight arrive at midnight or early morning but you want to enjoy Haneda airport hotel facilities? No worries, the hotel is always open with a 24 hour receptionist desk for guests to check in and check out.

  • Heater

During winter or rainy season, the room will be warm because it has a heater to heat the room to a comfortable temperature. Hence, you will not feel cold or get sick by the weather.

Other facilities in the hotel are a smoking-free room, internet connection, and also dry cleaning. The rate ranges from 150 to 230 USD a night.

4. Ikidane Cozy Hotel

Ikidane Cozy Hotel
Ikidane Cozy Hotel / Unsplash

While the previous three hotels are among the luxurious Haneda airport hotel terminal 1 connected directly, this one is for those who look for affordable stay-in. Ikidane Cozy Hotel comes with a dormitory concept. One room can share four people with bunk beds. In addition, each room has 4 futons for 4 people separated with shades.

You can still have a comfy sleep with privacy since it makes sure you are not exposed by the shades separating each bed. The room’s rate is also affordable starting from 90 US dollars  for a one-night stay.

Best Hotels Recommendations

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