4 Recommended Transportation Methods in Istanbul Airport

Are you perplexed about how to go from Istanbul Airport to your destination? There are several Transportation Methods in Istanbul Airport. Let’s go into the specifics.

Transportation Methods in Istanbul Airport

Usually, you require transportation to reach your destination when you arrive at the airport. You may want to visit a hotel, restaurant, or tourist attraction.

Likewise, if you’ve just landed at Istanbul Airport when planning a trip to explore Turkey, you will most likely be perplexed as to which mode of transportation will take you to your destination.

So, how do you get around Istanbul Airport? 

Actually, numerous transportation options from Istanbul Airport are available to get you to your destination. You can select based on your preferences or budget.

You can take a taxi, rent a car, or rent a car with a private driver. Here are some of the transportation options available at Istanbul Airport.

1. Taxi

Taxi / Unsplash

At Istanbul Airport, you may take use of the convenient taxi service. However, you’ll also have to choose from the three distinct cab options.

There are three different colors of cabs in Istanbul: orange, blue/turquoise, and black. The “TAXI” sign on the top of yellow cabs is a trademark in Istanbul.

Taxis with a “C” in front of their name are inexpensive cars (think Renault Clios) that can carry up to four people and a small amount of luggage. If you must take a taxi in Istanbul, the cheapest and most usual choice is a yellow cab.

The next pricier group is the blue and turquoise cabs. Prices are 15% more in these “D” taxis since they use more luxurious vehicles (such Opel Insignias).

Black “E” taxis, on the other hand, are twice as costly as yellow cabs but offer a more upscale service in automobiles like Mercedes.

  • Taxi Fares in Istanbul

Istanbul’s cabs are rather cheap. They use a metering system. Therefore, your transfer costs will be entirely flexible. They charge an admission price of 0,57 USD. 

Approximately 0.37 USD per kilometer will be added to your total, and 0.06 USD will be added for every 5 minutes of waiting in line on the road.

Fares start at 1.55 USD. The traveler also incurs additional costs, such as tolls or tunnel fees. Keep in mind, though, that there is a toll to pass from the European to the Asian side of Istanbul, but none to come back (from the Asian to the European side).

There is also the absence of nightly rates in Istanbul. Therefore the price remains constant throughout the day. However, rush hour fares in Istanbul can be quite high because of the city’s notoriously congested traffic.

  • Payment Options

In Istanbul, cab rides will cost you, so it’s best to have some local currency on hand. It’s not always the case, but don’t count on using a credit card or debit card to pay your taxi fare because the driver probably won’t have a card terminal.

In addition, the currency rate may be misleading, therefore it’s best to pay in Turkish lira. However, if you reserve your taxi ride in advance, you can pay with a credit card.

2. Bus

Bus / Istanbul International Airport

Getting to and from the airport is also possible via bus. But buses can only carry you so far into Istanbul’s city center.

You can choose from Bus Havaist and IETT. This bus leaves every few minutes. You don’t have to worry about making it downtown.

Bus rides cost anything from 0.80 to 4.60 USD, which is also a bargain. How long you have to travel will determine how much time you have.

3. Private Airport Transfers

Private Airport Transfers
Private Airport Transfers / Freepik

IST is home to a large number of private airport shuttle providers that operate punctually and safely.

Your private driver will be waiting for you at the airport to take care of your luggage and drive you directly to your Istanbul hotel.

4. Car Rentals

Car Rentals
Car Rentals / Freepik

You might also choose to rent a car at Istanbul Airport and drive yourself. The advantages of car rental don’t end there.

Pick one and use it as a starting point for your travel plans. A wide variety of automobile rental agencies are located at Istanbul Airport. The vehicle type is also up for grabs.

You need to be careful when selecting a car rental service to ensure you obtain an appropriate vehicle and have a problem-free journey. You can find out about the greatest vehicle rental offers at Istanbul Airport by quickly scanning through them.

There are four different modes of transportation available to passengers arriving at Istanbul Airport. You should research your transportation options in Turkey thoroughly before making any final decisions.

These are the four transportation options at Istanbul Airport. Gain more information before making a transportation decision in Turkey, including comfort, price, and the number of people you are traveling with.

So, to simplify the process, plan your vacation to Turkey with Airpaz, which allows you to book flights and hotels with multiple advantages. Choose the right transportation methods in Istanbul Airport for your holiday or business.


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