5 Best Things to Do in Paris You Must Not Skip

There is no way you cannot spend a leisurely day in Paris city. Known as a beautiful and romantic city, there are definitely many best things to do in Paris during your holiday.

The city of Paris is distributed into several layers of area. The more you go to the edges, the more traditional they are.

Here are some recommended activities and places to visit. You must write them on your to-do list.

Best Things to Do in Paris

It is better to write down all the destinations you want to visit once you arrive in the city.

Even though you can always visit the already popular sites, there is definitely more than the TV could have ever shown you about the diversity in Paris. In addition, you can do and visit many great things and places as listed below.

1. Visit Eiffel Tower

Visit Eiffel Tower // Best things to do in Paris

You will not be surprised if the first thing you must do in Paris is to visit the Eiffel Tower. The infamous tower has a beautiful design, especially during the night. You will see the Eiffel Tower Paris bathed in light in stunning color.

Moreover, you can also take pictures and make a great video to keep it as a memento.

In addition, the tower is at the heart of the city. It is completely free if you do not enter and climb through the stairs or elevator.

However, if you want to go higher to the tower’s upper level, you can reserve first and enjoy a beautiful view of Paris city.

2. Visit Notre Dame Cathedral

Visit Notre Dame Cathedral // Best things to do in paris

The next holiday destination you must visit is to see Notre Dame Cathedral. It is an ancient building with interesting cultural heritage.

Once you enter the building of Paris Notre Dame, your eyes will be blessed with great architecture. You can see the stained windows illuminated with the lights. Moreover, you will also see the Paris view from the cathedral’s rooftop.

The infamous view of the city’s top from the cathedral is a must to see. 

3. Visit The Louvre Museum

Visit The Louvre Museum // Best things to do in Paris

The Louvre museum is the home of many world-class arts. No wonder visitors always flood the building. You can also enjoy all the arts inside the museum once you visit Paris.

To avoid a long line, as many visitors want to enter Paris the Louvre, you can book online before your arrival. If you get a free slot from online booking, you will receive a ticket that allows you to get a pass from the long line.

As for the ticket price, it starts from free for EEA residents and 15 to 17 Euro or 16 to 19 USD.

4. Take A Walk at Champs-Elysees Street

Take A Walk at Champs-Elysees Street // Best things to do in Paris

The Champ-Elysees street is a beautiful street where tourists can enjoy an afternoon walk within the beauty of Paris city. Moreover, you can also visit some cafes, buy snacks from local sellers, and other things to do in Paris. The view of traffic and the buildings around the street is nostalgic and definitely worth doing.

This street also accesses other famous tourist destinations like Arc De Triomphe and Laduree.

5. Visit Au Vieux Paris

Visit Au Vieux Paris // Best things to do in Paris

Another place you must visit is Au Vieux Paris cafe. It is a small and beautiful cafe in the Ile De La Cite area where Notre Dame is. Having a distinctive Parisian design, this cafe has a beautiful and nostalgic vibe. You can also sit outside as you sip your drink while watching the street.

Traveling Tips

Since Paris is an infamous place flooded with many tourists, you can follow some of these tips to ensure you have an enjoyable holiday.

1. Choose Off-Peak Season

During peak season, there will be too many tourists flooding to visit. Hence, you may fail to enjoy the holiday. April and October is the best time to visit Paris.

2. Book the Nearest Hotel

As you can see, many tourist destinations are in the city center. Therefore, one of Paris traveling tips is booking the hotel nearest to the city center.

Make a reservation at the desired hotel to ensure you have the rooms you need. If you cannot find one, you can choose a hotel near the airport.

3. Keep Your Wallet Safe

Many pickpockets are trying to steal your wallets. Especially if you are a foreign tourist. Sling your bag or always watch whenever you want to wear the bag outside.

4. Use Public Transportation

You can also use public transportation to explore Paris and see the city’s scenery as you pass along the street.

In addition, you can choose a bus, train, or subway to get to your next destination for a minimal fee. You will get it more expensive if you choose private transportation instead.

These are the best things to do in Paris you must not skip once you get a holiday in this city. Before starting your trip, make sure you book a flight to Paris only at Airpaz!


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