Recommendations of Dubai Airport Hotel Nearest the Airport

Either inside or close to the airport, there are several Dubai Airport: Hotels  to consider. Moreover, you can also choose the hotel based on your budget or your preferred distance.

If you plan to have a cozy night to rest between your flight or to have a fun staycation there, these are some recommended hotels for you to stay in.

We recommend you some of the best hotel in Dubai

Dubai Airport Hotels

Before you start browsing which hotel to stay, you should know the two types of hotel within the airport area.

First of all, the one inside the airport. Near the arrival and departure gate, it is close and is only some walks away.

Secondly, an external hotel outside the airport. There are some hotels near Dubai airport, in which you can choose as an alternative with competitive prices.

Here are some recommended hotels for your staycation. Some hotels to choose within the airport are are:

Dubai International Hotel

Dubai International Hotel
Dubai International Hotel / Unsplash

The main inn located inside the airport is Dubai International Hotel. It is within a short distance of the arrival and departure gate.

These are the type of suit: Room Deluxe, Room Executive, Suite Junior, and Presidential

Secondly, these facilities during your stay cost no money, free to enjoy when you sleep in Dubai airport hotel terminal 3.

Dubai International Hotel offers:

  • Gym

Maintaining stamina is easy here since exclusive gym is free.

  • A Pool

In addition, swimming is free as the hotel has a swimming pool

  • Sauna and Jacuzzi

A stressfree day is achievable as you enjoy a quiet bath in a jacuzzi. Sauna is also available for separate genders.

The price ranges from 100 to 350 US dollars a night.

Sleep ‘n Fly Sleep Pod

Sleep 'n Fly Sleep Pod
Sleep ‘n Fly Sleep Pod / Unsplash

The next recommended hotel close to Dubai airport is Sleepn Fly Sleep Lounge. in Concourse C level, inside of DXB transit. Terminal 3 near gate C is its exact location. Since it is near, now it becomes a favourable Dubai transit hotel

When you book a room here, you will enjoy some facilities such as:

  • Airconditioned room
  • Free internet access
  • Hot showers

What is unique about this inn is its design. It brings a minimalist pod along with Scandinavian design. The room is clean-cut and simple with compact size compared to others. It is because Sleepn Fly Sleep Lounges target is those who just want to have a quick nap before catching the next flight.

Also, this inn has an affordable price ranging from 50 to 100 USD. The distance is only 300 m from terminal 3.

The hotel inside the flight line’s luxurious deal of facilities. However, the price ranges may not be too friendly for some budget travellers.

Therefore, you can still look for cheap hotels near Dubai airport with some price range to meet your budget. Here are some recommended hotels:

Premier Inn Dubai

One of the most recommended stay-ins near the airport. It is on the opposite side of Terminal 3.

Several types of the rooms are Twin Room, Double Room, and Family Room. Complemented with its modern design, you will get these facilities:

  • Toiletries
  • Complementary water
  • Bidet
  • Safety box
  • Soundproof room
  • Coffee machine

In addition, pool for swimming,incall dining service, and free shuttle to go to the airport.

As you look at the facilities, its price ranges from 60 to 100 USD a night ranging from twin to family room. Furthermore, the distance is only 400-500 m near terminal 3.

Best Hotel Recomendations

Holiday Inn Express of Dubai

Having an enjoyable stay near the airport is not impossible. Holiday Inn offers a sleepover or quick nap. Its ambience, design and service also makes it a recommended hotel for holiday.

The hotel provides a fitness center, bar, dining service, and morning meals package.

As for the price, the cheapest is a twin bed with a rate of 6070 dollars, and a family room with a price around 150 250 USD a night. In addition, it is also a hotel with a free shuttle bus to the airport just like any other Dubai Airport hotel.

Aloft Dubai Airport Hotel

The next hotel you can choose is Aloft Dubai Airport Hotel. Its location is only 900 meters away from the airport. Moreover, it offers a nice view of swimming pool and some of these facilities.

  • Restaurant
  • Fitness center
  • Room service
  • Free internet connection
  • Family Room

Having a minimalist but modern design, Aloft Dubai comes with an affordable price ranging from 120 – 250 USD. It will depend on the room you choose to book. You can reserve it before your arrival date.

After seeing the Dubai airport hotel facility, rest well even amidst the high traffic in Dubai Airport. Only book your recommended hotel in Airpaz. It offers competitive prices, vouchers, and great service. Come, book your hotel now.


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