Top 5 Luxurious Airlines for Best First-Class Experience

Simply pondering about long flights and travel ahead is enough to give anyone some unnecessary stress. However, your airline’s experience doesn’t always have to be miserable. It is actually not hard to find reliable airlines that offer not only safety, but also comfort, and even indulgence to the passengers. The list below contains five of the best luxury airlines that serve impressive cabins and deluxe in-flight suites to accompany you flying around the world.

Top Luxurious Airlines in the World That Offers Best First-Class Experience


Less of a torturous cramped chamber and more of a posh hotel experience, here are some of the best airlines in the world that offer delightful and sumptuous flight journeys to their customers.

Singapore Airlines


The personal cabin of Singapore Airlines is born by the hand of French renowned designer, Jean-Jacques Coste. Providing original leather upholstery, window blinds, and sliding doors, the first-class cabins of Singapore Airlines give top-rated comfort and privacy. The seat itself is designed by partnering with BMW Group Designworks from the United States, resulting in 35” wide convertible seat into double beds.

Not enough luxury airlines experience for you? Enjoy an immense amount of in-flight entertainment alternatives that include options like Wi-Fi and a personal television. As an addition to the set of complete upscale amenities, you can enjoy flavorful meals prepped by acclaimed chefs from International Culinary Panel.

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British Airways


Offering an authentic experience of the land of the Queen, British Airways indulges its first-class passengers by offering various extravagances at 40,000 ft. above the ground, from traditional British tea to spa and facial treatment.

Hours of wandering the skies went quickly by being accompanied by the luxury airlines suites that provide an extensive amount of on-demand entertainment and soundproof headphones. Charging plugins and free internet wireless connection are available to support your business endeavor.

Don’t miss out on the appetizing full-course meals and à la carte menu that is so unmistakably British. Beyond fine dining cuisine, the airline also presents various options of beverages and snacks.

A set of high-end products to pamper your skin is available through a partnership with Temperley London. Enjoy the beautifying and healing experiences by lying on your convertible seat turned microfiber-covered flat mattress.



Emirates airline screams nothing if not royalty. Grabbing the titles of one of the top airlines in the world as well as the most expensive ones, it serves outstanding services that set the standard of luxury airlines. The Dubai-headquartered carrier offers most things imaginable, including premium cutlery, dinnerware, to toiletries.

The first-class luxurious flying experience starts by being picked up by an appointed chauffeur to the airport lounge; proceed by relishing in Dubai airport lounge with various facilities. Spend some time to check the wine collection or splurge yourself on high-end brands at the airport boutique.

In general, it offers a range of all required amenities to help you travel by basking in luxury. To get the experience of an elite and comfortable hotel room in the sky, it may be necessary to begin saving money from weeks, even months, in advance.

Etihad Airways


Successfully topping different top 10 airlines list and receiving various awards out there, it is not wrong to say that the upscale flights offered by Etihad Airways are highly opulent. It is the type of luxury airline where you can ask anything you want on-board.

Reside comfortably on your double bedroom suite by opting for “The Residence” package. It also comes with services from a personal chef and butler, which make you almost forget that you’re currently flying at above 35,000 ft instead of in some magnificent hotel.

Similar to the majority of luxury airlines, it also provides cozy seats too, only theirs are equipped with Poltrona Frau Leather upholstery with a roomy cabin and an ottoman. Revealing the ottoman will expose you to 81” bed with 24” television, a wardrobe, and a beverage cabinet.

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Qatar Airways


Countlessly named as one of the most popular airlines, Qatar Airways presents service standards of Middle Eastern hospitality that are ready to accompany you to more than 140 destinations around the planet. By going with this carrier, you’ll receive a fancy amenity kit and Giorgio Armani-kit. The services are backed by an award-winning staff that is ready to help you experience in-flight indulgence right from the moment you step in.

The lounge of Qatar Airways is so big that it can contain 10 Olympic swimming pools. Trust your taste palette in the hand of world-famous chefs, who already have reputations and some have experience of working at Michelin-star hotel restaurants.

Your cabin area can be turned into a cozy workspace as well, thanks to the USB plugs, device electricity power plugs, and wireless connection. Afterward, let yourself relax in the seat with an integrated entertainment system that provides more than 4,000 options of entertainment.

These are only a handful of luxury airlines available in the world, but they are already known for offering the best flight experience. For those of you who are interested in enjoying vast onboard amenities, the greatest cuisine, and endless entertainment, you may start by booking your first-class flight ticket via Airpaz mobile application or via the website of


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