Jeju Travel Guide and 5 Things to Do in Jeju

When you hear about South Korea, you may envision a hectic surrounding with all-gigantic skyscrapers here and there. Or maybe you’ll think about the prince/princess-like K-Pop idols gleaming in talents. Besides, there is precious location situated on the southernmost side of the country. Jeju-do, or just Jeju, is popular for its scenic natural attractions. So, what are things to do in Jeju?

Where to Go When in Jeju Island?

where to gi
There’s a lot to explore on Jeju Island

Nothing can beat Jeju when it comes to tourism attractions. From Mount Halla to Geumneung Beach, Koreans know that fun things to do in Jeju are infinite.

Tracking to the Famous Mount Halla

Mount hallasan
Enjoy the beauty of Hallasan Mountain

The first on the list of places to visit Jeju is Halla Mountain. What makes Halla special is not only its state of being the highest peak of the country. For trekkers who want to hike yet so redundant to the lengthy journey—well, this mountain just takes you less than 10 km. And that’s even for a round trip!

Want a shorter hike? Make your way to see the top of the mountain via Eoseungsaengak trail (well, it’s quite difficult to spell its name). Underline that you won’t reach the top of Halla, but you can still see the majestic panorama from this trek option. Another plus point, it only takes you 1.3 km to reach the summit of Eoseungsaengak.

You will never regret taking the experience of hiking this mountain, for sure. Not only you’ll get to witness the green surroundings that soothe your mind, but you can also see how beautifully ‘gifted’ Jeju is through a relatively short trek.

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Countering the Taboo: Loveland Museum

Loveland Museum
Unique and unusual sights that we can find when visiting this place

Get yourself involved into the uniqueness of Loveland Museum. This is one of the things to do in Jeju that has been ‘in service’ for quite a long time, since 2004. However, what is it to expect from this taboo-defying museum?

Although the name seems like offering a bird’s nest for lovebirds, Loveland Museum is a theme park focused on sex. To be exact, sex sculptures. That said, you should not be puzzled to see lots of sculptures—many of them are realistic ones—that represent humans in any kinds of sexual positions.

Not only that, sexual organs turned into realistic sculptures are exhibited in such a wide outdoor park. Interactive props and sex-ed films are also becoming what to expect from this place. As mentioned in Wikipedia, Loveland Museum describes itself as a place where eroticism, art, and love meet. Remember, only 18+ adults can enter the site.

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Marking Steps at Geumneung and Hyeopjae Beach

hyeopjae beach
Relax and enjoy the view from the Hyeopjae beach

As Jeju is an island, beaches are not something hard to find in this island. This is why beach trip should not be skipped from the list of things to do in Jeju.

Geumneung and Hyeopjae are two famous beaches in Jeju. Both beaches are located next to each other and each shares different focal point for the visitors. While Hyeopjae is famous for its shallow, clear aquamarine water and its white sand, Geumneung offers a perfect spot to see Biyangdo Island’s view.

With sunbrellas lined neatly following the beach line, you can bring in that summer tan from these beaches. Bringing some kids to the spot? That’s prefect. Consider going to these beaches on a clear day—so you’ll get to notice the best view of this renowned beach of Jeju.

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Becoming a Soapmaker in Innisfree Jeju House

Natural Soap that we can find at Innisfree Jeju House

The influence of Korean wave isn’t just limited to K-Pop songs and K-dramas. Skincare products are getting exported massively after since the Hallyu waves take the international spotlight. Innisfree is one of the famous brands.

If you have been using Innisfree or interested in knowing how to make soaps, consider putting this activity as one of the things to do in Jeju. Its soap-making event is a great educational activity that goes well for people in all ages.

In addition, if you are a café-goer, you may consider coming here as well. Why so? Organic food at Innisfree Jeju House’s cafe is worth-trying, people say.

A visit to Jeju Folk Village and Jeju ‘Haenyeo’ diver show

Jeju Folk Village
Jeju folk village in jeju island

Another awesome list from the list of things to do in Jeju is cultural visit. These two cultural sites are worth your time when visit Jeju—especially if you don’t know what to do in Jeju still.

Jeju Folk Village is not far from the famous Halla, so that’d be great to take a drive here after going down from the mountain. Of course, there will be a guide on the spot, and that’s your chance to understand better about people’s lives in Jeju.

Haenyeo, the local term of Jeju women divers, are worth to meet as well. Their show even got recognized as one of UNESCO’s Intangible cultural assets. Why are they so special?

haenyeo diver show
Hamyeo Diver show to gather food from sea

Imagine diving into 10-20 meters of sea depth without any underwater apparatus to gather food. Thinking about it itself is already suffocating, isn’t it? Don’t forget about the senile average age of the divers, which is 65 years old

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