5 Top Ramadhan Bazaar Spots in Kuala Lumpur

Are you looking forward to visiting Kuala Lumpur during Ramadhan? Since most of Malaysians are Muslims, you will find that almost everyone doe one of the five pillars of Islam, i.e. fasting from dawn to dust. Is it going to be difficult to get foods since people hold themselves all day long to not eat? Well, you can actually find restaurants open on daylight. But still, joining with Muslims hunting for foods and drinks to break their fasting or iftar at a bazaar Ramadhan is much more exciting.

Muslims in Malaysia have many ways to celebrate Ramadhan. One of them is by flooding the streets with seasonal stalls full of foods and drinks. You can say it as massive street food fiestas. Open every day during the fasting month from 16:00, this bazaar mainly focuses to provide various dishes for iftar at very affordable prices.

Bazaar Ramadhan is also a place where you can find some sumptuous Malay foods that are not always available on ordinary days. If you are in Kuala Lumpur during the fasting month, there are places where you will catch the best bazaar events:

1. Kampung Baru

Bazaar Ramadhan - Kampung Baru

Kampung Baru is a famous heritage of Malay. It is also the place that offers the best bazaar. The event stretches along Jalan Raja Alang with more than 200 stalls offering delicious foods and drinks. The most favourite one is Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, known as the best in the city. It is a kind of rice with a fragrant aroma and being served with peanuts, egg and sambal. Another popular choice is bubur lambuk (rice porridge) which is cooked at the local mosque and distributed to people at no cost. You just need to walk for less than10 minutes to the bazaar after arriving at Kampung Baru LRT station.


Bazaar Ramadhan - TTDI

If Indonesia has TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah), Malaysia has TTDI, i.e. Taman Tun Dr Ismail. It is an area of neighbourhood situated in front of One Utama shopping mall. The bazaar itself will be a long Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2 and people love going there to hunt for the famous martabak raja a stuffed pancake filled with lamb, beef or chicken. This place is going to be so crowded before iftar time. So make sure you come as early as 4 pm to avoid the crowds and get a spot to park your vehicle. Or if you go with a train, the nearest station is Kelana Jaya. You need to take a taxi to reach the bazaar.

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3. Jalan Masjid India and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

Bazaar Ramadhan - Jalan Masjid India

The next popular places for bazaar Ramadhan are Jalan Masjid India and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman where you can find anything traditional from attires, snacks to textiles offered at very low prices. During the fasting month, there are more stalls open offering Malay food. Take for example Mak Wan stall selling nasi campur. Be sure to come before 5 pm as the special dish is usually sold out by taking the train to the nearest station, Masjid Jamek LRT or Bandaraya LRT.

4. Bangsar

Bazaar Ramadhan - Bangsar

If you have limited time to pass the crowds, then you can go to Bangsar Ramadhan bazaar, situated at Jalan Telawi 1, beside Saidina Abu Bakar As Siddiq mosque. Take a walk for 5 minutes from Bangsar LRT station. It is famous for the legendary putu piring that makes people consider Bangsar is one of best food havens in Kuala Lumpur.

5. Shah Alam

Bazaar Ramadhan - Feature Image

Shah Alam Stadium car park turns into a food bazaar during Ramadhan. As it is the most accessible spot, everyone can easily get there from workers to nearby universities’ students. The special dishes you have to taste the famous SS Ali popiah (spring rolls) and laksa Utara. Be sure to get there before iftar time. The nearest station is Batu Tiga, then continue the trip by a taxi for 10 minutes to the stadium.

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