6 Best Places to Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated globally, no matter what your ethnicity, religion, or cultural background. You can say that Christmas is a family holiday where you can spend times together with families and loved ones. Being a holiday that is celebrated all over the world has made it possible to find some Best Place to Celebrate Christmas.

Where should you be off to when the holiday season is coming?

1. New York

Christmas atmosphere in New York

If you want to experience the snowy Christmas with lights everywhere and the festivities all around you, you should head to New York. Christmas is huge there and always celebrated at the Rockefeller Center. The ice rink is timeless and you can really enjoy the ice skating there. The huge decorated Christmas tree is visible from afar. Not far from there, the Columbus Circle provides a place for doing your Christmas shopping. You will find sellers with drinks, snacks, gifts, and also clothes. If you want to go around Central Park with the horse carriage, you can always take it. In short, you will have a memorable white Christmas holiday in New York!

2. Malta

Christmas atmosphere in Downtown Valletta, Malta

The local people have a unique annual tradition where they would show off their holy crib confections to the public. Its called Presepju, meaning nativity scenes. As if it weren’t enough, they have the bigger nativity, known as Bethlehem f’Ghajnsielem that is covering 20,000 squarer meters consisting of more than 150 actors. The idea is to portray the ancient Judea 2000 years before. Visitors who come there would feel as if they were back in time because everything feels so real. You will find grazing animals, traditional folklore, turn mills, oil lamps, the tavern, and even the grotto with baby Jesus. Come to downtown of Valetta and it is full of Christmas atmosphere – complete with the Christmas lights and lively singing carolers.

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3. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach, Australia

Christmas isn’t always identical with snow and chilly air – not if you live in a different part of the world. In the event that you are travelling to Australia during Christmas, you may go to Bondi Beach. Besides enjoying the surf, sun, and beach, you will take part in the Christmas party by the beach. There will be DJs, bands, and parties. If you like the crowd and the parties, you will love coming to this area during Christmas.

4. Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi - Finland

You probably think, ‘What to find in Finland?’ There’s nothing interesting there. Well, don’t be so quick to judge just yet. What about going to the village where Santa Claus lives? This is the area where the Christmas atmosphere is super strong, with the red suit and the snowy surroundings. You can even find an amusement park with Santa themes. Mind you, though, that coming here is costly and you will have to spend a fortune, but it is going to worth every penny, for sure!

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5. Quebec

Christmas atmosphere In Quebec City- Canada

If you are into Christmas, then Canada will be your heaven during the holiday! With a friendly environment, enthusiastic outdoor lovers, and peaceful surroundings, Quebec is lively with Christmas air and winter crowd and yet it isn’t too packed with people that will make your head spin. In fact, if you are hoping to get a little bit of peace during Christmas, this would be the perfect place to go. it is a perfect place for families and kids.

6. Tokyo

6 Best Place to Celebrate Christmas

What to like about Tokyo is the festive atmosphere and holiday spirits. The city is lighted up with tons of lights and beautiful decorations. Taking a walk around the city or enjoying the dinner with the loved ones is just perfect. After all, Christmas is about family, right? What’s better than celebrating it with your loved ones?

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Naturally, there are still more places to go during Christmas – you just have to be creative and do your own research. Whatever your holiday destination is, be sure to plan ahead, including planning the flight. Work together with Airpaz to manage the flight and your itinerary.


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