6 Recommendations of Izmir Airport Hotel to Help You Sleep Well

Flight schedules abroad sometimes make you arrive early at the airport or stay overnight because it’s too late or late. You can stay at a hotel to keep your body safe and comfortable. If you are in Izmir, then the Izmir Airport hotel is the place you need.

So that you can choose a place to stay, we have prepared several recommendations for Izmir hotels and hotels near Izmir Airport in the articles below.

Izmir Airport Hotels

There are many choices of hotels that are strategically located and help you get a pleasant rest while getting supporting facilities that are suitable for the price. When you arrive at Izmir Airport Arrivals, some of the hotels that can be your choice are:

1. Orty Airport Hotel

Orty Airport Hotel
Orty Airport Hotel / Pixabay

Izmy Orty Airport Hotel is close to the airport, the same as the TAV hotel. The distance is only about 0.4 kilometers and can be seen from the airport entrance.

While staying at this fourth hotel, you can be on time for going to the airport or going too far to get to a hotel when you arrive at the airport at midnight.

The Orty Airport Hotel room is clean, spacious, and with good shower tools. If you need a pick-up, you will receive a free pick-up and drop-off at the airport.

Prices for a one-night stay at Orty Airport can start from just 1,073 TRY or around 57.49 USD. . 

2. TAV ​​Airport Hotel Izmir

TAV ​​Airport Hotel Izmir
TAV ​​Airport Hotel Izmir / Pixabay

TAV Izmir Airport hotel is located inside the international terminal of Izmir airport. This hotel offers modern accommodations that can fulfill your stay or entertainment needs. Of course, free Wi-Fi facilities are also available to help guests use the internet smoothly.

The distance of this hotel from the airport is only about 0.5 kilometers, so it can be reached on foot. Because it is an airport hotel, the supporting facilities to facilitate airport departure and arrival matters are complete.

Another advantage of staying at TAV is getting help from the staff to check goods at the airport, so everything runs smoothly. For the price of one night’s stay, starting from 1,132 TRY or 60.65 USD.

3. DoubleTree by Hilton Izmir

Izmir Airport Hotels
Izmir Airport Hotels / Pixabay

This four-star hotel offers a variety of accommodations worth the price, around 1,192 TRY or 63.86 USD per night. With a visitor rating of around 8.3, your price is still affordable.

The service from the hotel staff is also excellent; even if you arrive late at night after a flight, they still smile and give you a warm welcome.

Other facilities such as Wi-Fi, a fitness center, and an outdoor pool can also help guests relieve fatigue after a long trip from abroad. The hotel distance from airport is around 2 kilometers.

Best Hotel Recommendations

4. Hakan Hotel

Hakan Hotel
Hakan Hotel / Pixabay

It is about 3.8 km from Izmir Airport and has many supporting facilities such as a garden, private parking, and a shared lounge.

You don’t need to worry about check-in problems if you come to the hotel late at night. This is because of several reviews from visitors who previously arrived late that everything was fine with the check-in time, which was quite late.

The price for an overnight stay in Hakan is also relatively low compared to other hotels, which is around 692 TRY or 37.07 USD.

5. Extenso Hotel

Extenso Hotel
Extenso Hotel / Pixabay

This hotel is still considered close to the airport because it is only about 4 km away and about 11 km from the city center.

Some excellent facilities from Extenso Hotel are sauna, airport transfer, fineness center, shuttle service, 24 hours front desk, and valet parking. If you bring a vehicle, you can park for free, because it is provided specifically for guests.

Breakfast is available in buffet style every morning. If you don’t use room service with breakfast, you can add a special extra fee for the hotel’s typical breakfast menu.

There are many types of rooms available at Extenso Hotels, such as standard single, standard twin, family room, large, king standard, superior suite, and room assignment arrival. For overnight, prices starting from 1,073 TRY or 57.49 USD only.

6. Svalinn Hotel

Svalinn Hotel
Svalinn Hotel / Pixabay

If you want to stay in a place close to the airport, and easier access to many tourist attractions, then Svalinn Hotel is the right choice for you.

The distance from the airport is only about 4.6 km and the distance from public transportation is only about 600 m. So when you want to explore more places while staying at Svalinn Hotel, your trip will be much easier.

Meanwhile, if you bring your own vehicle or rent a car, Svalinn Hotel provides free parking. Because the parking fee is free, you don’t need much consideration when you want to use a car.

The room types that you can choose at Svalinn Hotel also vary according to your needs and budget. Several types of Svalinn Hotel rooms include standard, suite, superior, and standard double or twin room.

In addition to complete room facilities, there are airport transfer facilities (additional fees apply), current exchange, 24-hour check-in, free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, and sauna.

With accommodation costs starting from 1,430 TRY or 76.61 USD, you can stay overnight and get free breakfast at Svalinn Hotel.

After getting the recommendations from Izmir Airport Hotel above, you can already find the best hotel that suits your budget and needs. If you want to book a hotel more easily, you can use the services of Airpaz.


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