6 Transportation Method in Don Mueang Airport for Your Mobility

As one of the busiest airports in Southeast Asia, Don Mueang Airport has many passengers daily. There are many transportation method in Don Mueang Airport that you can choose to suit your budget and needs. Let’s look at some of the recommendations below!

Transportation Method in Don Mueang Airport

In the transportation recommendations from Don Mueang International Airport to your destination or vice versa, everything is ground transportation. Some of the types of vehicles that you can choose :

1. Shuttle Buses

Shuttle Buses
Shuttle Buses / Pixabay

If your destination is Suvarnabhumi Airport, you can use one free vehicle option, the shuttle bus. Your transfer from Don Mueang Airport to Suvarnabhumi takes around 50-60 minutes.

The operating hours of these shuttle buses vary, as well as the waiting time for each bus. Some buses come every 30 minutes; some come every 12 minutes.

You can take this shuttle bus by visiting the passenger terminal’s stop on the first floor.

2. Airport Buses

Airport Buses
Airport Buses / Pixabay

The shuttle bus route options are more limited. But if you take a public bus, you can go to more destinations at an affordable price.

There are several bus routes that you can choose from. The first is the A1 Route, which takes passengers from the airport to Mo Chit Station.

Next is the A2 Route, which will take you to the Victory Monument in Bangkok. Then the A3 Route will take you to Lumphini Park. Lastly is the A4 Route from the airport to Sanam Luang.

You can get on these buses outside the Arrival Halls in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The one-time ticket fee is 30 THB (0.86 USD), and you can get it through the bus driver, be it the bus to Don Mueang Airport or vice versa.

3. Taxis

Taxis / Unsplash

Taxi service at Don Mueang Airport is suitable for those who want to save more travel time and maintain privacy. Traveling to downtown Bangkok by taxi is only about 30 minutes from this airport.

It’s easier for you to order a taxi from the airport because the airport has a system that makes it easier for passengers to call a cab and be able to wait for it in the waiting area. So while waiting, you can get some rest in the waiting room.

To order a taxi, you can follow the signs available at the airport to find a taxi management system desk.

To avoid being scammed, only order official or metered taxis because there are chances that scammers are waiting for you to use their services.

The official taxi stand is outside Terminals 1 and 2, near the Arrivals Hall. To travel to the center of Bangkok around the Siam Area, the fee you will pay is around 200 THB (5.74 USD).

The basic fare of a taxi is 50 THB (1.44 USD), and then, according to the meter. 

4. Tuk-Tuk

Tuk-Tuk / Pixabay

Tuk-tuk is Thailand’s most iconic vehicle and the local community’s public transportation. If you want to feel the sensation of traveling with this traditional vehicle, you can take a tuk-tuk.

Not only trying out the local choice of transportation, but taking a tuk-tuk is also cheap.

The usual price for passengers to pay for a tuk-tuk ride into town from the airport is around 110-120 THB (3.16-3.44 USD).

However, because this vehicle does not have a meter, you must discuss the fare with the driver in advance. If it’s too expensive, try to bargain the price to make it more reasonable.

Besides that, if you are okay with stopping by some souvenir shops, you can use them. Of course, during the trip, additional costs also apply. This is because the tuk-tuk driver who works with the shop will get a commission when he succeeds in carrying a passenger..

5. Trains

Trains / Unsplash

The train can also be a transportation option that can take you to the city center because the destination is Bangkok Railway Station Hua Lamphong The distance from the airport to the station is about 29 km.

Two railway connections are close to the airport so that you can travel easily. You can walk to the station called Don Mueang and Don Mueang New Market because it’s only 100 meters away.

Train operating hours are from 03.14 AM to 10.15 PM every day. Fares vary depending on the train category and ticket class. For more detailed costs, you can find out at the local counter.

6. Car Rental

Car Rental
Car Rental / Pixabay

Car rental is perfect if you want a flexible trip with friends or family. You can choose from several car rental companies, such as Budget, National, Europcar, and Avis.

The operating hours of these car rental companies are 24 hours, and their booths are located in Terminal 1 (first level of Arrival hall) and Terminal 2 (first level of Domestic Arrivals).

The fee depends on the destination location, so the herbal medicine can communicate with each rental provider’s call center. You can also order it online.

Due to the many transportation methods at Don Mueang Airport, you can choose the most appropriate vehicle. If you still need to book a hotel, you can order it on Airpaz. Easy and fast!


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