7 Lucky Foods to Eat for Chinese New Year

In New Year celebrations there are often some lucky foods, including Chinese New Year celebrations. In celebration of the Chinese New Year, there are a number of foods that must be served because it is believed to bring good lucky in the coming year. Not only from the type of food, food in the Chinese New Year has a deep meaning ranging from preparation, how to manufacture, to how to eat it.

7 Lucky Foods Must Be Served for Chinese New Year

Here are 7 lucky foods that are usually served when celebrating Chinese New Year.

1. Dumplings

dumplings lucky foods

This snack is believed to be a symbol of wealth. Dumpling generally consists of minced meat and vegetables wrapped in thin skin dough made from flour. Dumpling cooking can be done in various ways such as boiling, frying, steaming, or baking. Dumpling also has various kinds depending on the ingredients, shape, and how to process it. There is a belief that more dumplings you eat during the Chinese New Year celebration so you will get more fortune.

2. Glutinous Rice Cake

glutinous rice cake

Glutinous rice cake is one of the lucky foods to eat at Chinese New Year celebrations. This food is a symbol of a higher position or income. This is in accordance with the meaning of glutinous rice cakes in Chinese language that means higher from year to year.

3. Spring Rolls

lucky foods spring rolls

Like dumpling, this snack is also a symbol of wealth in the celebration of the Chinese New Year. This type of food is like a dim sum dish made from rolls filled with vegetables, minced meat, or something sweet and wrapped in thin skin dough. The way to cook this food is by frying until the skin is golden yellow. So, if you want to get wealth through food, make sure you try spring roll.

4. Sweet Rice Balls

sweet rice balls lucky foods

Sweet rice balls are in Chinese language as tangyuan. This is often associated with family reunions and togetherness. This is why the sweet rice ball is loved by the Chinese people as one of the lucky foods in the New Year celebration because it is believed to be able to bring togetherness in the family.

5. Noodles

noodle lucky foods

Another lucky food to eat at the Chinese New Year celebration is noodles. This food symbolizes long life. The length and the way of making the noodles can be a symbol of life. Usually, the noodles served during the New Year celebration are longer than the noodles in general and without cutting. The presentation can be fried or boiled. But generally, longevity noodles are served in a bowl with broth.

6. Fish


Fish is believed to be a symbol of increasing prosperity. Usually, fish is served in the dinner menu during Chinese New Year celebrations. Common types of fish used as dishes include goldfish, catfish, and carp. The fish can be cooked as steamed, boiled, or braised. Furthermore, the fish is presented in whole body, from head to tail. In celebration of the Chinese New Year, consuming whole fish presents a good start and end to the years that have passed.

7. Fruits


There are several types of fruit that are eaten during Chinese New Year celebrations such as pomegranates, oranges, and tangerines. The fruit was chosen because it has a very round shape and gold color. This is a symbol of fullness and wealth. Eating pomegranates is believed to be able to bring sustainable prosperity. The more eating good-luck fruits, the more wealth is believed to be carried.

It turned out that there was quite a lot of lucky food to eat during the Chinese New Year celebration. Of the seven foods, which food do you want to eat the most? Besides being able to enjoy a variety of delicious and meaningful foods, the Chinese New Year celebration is also a moment of gathering with family, relatives and friends.

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