A Beautiful Pangkor Island; Let’s go here!

Pangkor Island is one of the most visited tourist spots outside of the main lands in Malaysia. Its original name is Thai “Pang Ko”, means Beautiful Island.

Located near to the west coast of the Malaysian Peninsula, Pangkor Island Malaysia offers various exciting things to see and do during your holidays.

People even claim it as a perfect destination for honeymoon. But it does not mean you have to make a visit with your partner. So, what to do in Pangkor Island as a solo traveler?

Pangkor Island Beach Resort


Pangkor Island Beach Resort is situated between Penang and Kuala Lumpur. They have 250 rooms to offer, designed in tropical warm tone. Amenities, long bath and shower complete the furnishing.

You can even choose among of several room types, i.e. large king, queen, twin and the double queen. To provide you the best moments of enjoying the food and beverage, this resort on Pangkor Island has some outdoor dining spots where you will be pampered with the stunning sea views day & night.

It is even possible to leave the crowd and experience romantic dinner for two under the shining stars and in between calm waves.

Pangkor Island Attractions

Pangkor island weather is fairly typical, whit averagely hot temperature all the year around. It means you can explore the island without having much worry about the rain.

There are many places in Pangkor Island worth to visit during your trip, especially if you keep sightseeing as one of what to do in Pangkor Island plans such as;

• Foo Lin Kong Temple – is a fabulous Taoist temple at the base of Pangkor hill, surrounded by stunning gardens and fishponds. On its roof, you can see 12 Chinese zodiac signs beautifully carved. When you take a look at behind the temple, you will find the Great Wall of China made in miniature form.

• Dutch Fort – was built in 1670 and becomes one of the ancient attractions in the island. It is located 3km south of Pangkor Town at Teluk Gudrang. As an evidence of unceasing fight by native warrior leaders of Malaysia to enforce the Europeans giving up their grip up on their country, the National Museum has initiated the renovation scheme to preserve the leftovers as well as historical values of this place.

• Tiger Rock (Batu Bersurat) – is located quite close to Dutch Fort, and becomes one of the recommended attractions in Pangkor Island. This big stonework, measured 5 by 10 meters, represents an old tale where a tiger was alleged to slain a Dutch marine officer’s kid. But, based on a baleful account of occasions, the kid was actually hijacked and executed by Malays and Bugis in 1743 to avenge the invaders’ cruelty towards the natives.

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Things to Do in Pangkor Island

Are you wondering what to do in Pangkor Island? Be sure to keep a note of this part since you can really have many activities to spend the vacation time.

Sightseeing the local attractions is the first point. Then, you will have more things to do in Pangkor Island. The fine weather and calm waves allow you to go into the sea water. Experience a great Pangkor Island snorkeling trip by seeing the beautiful corals and sea cucumbers.

If you want some exciting what to do in Pangkor Island activities to test your adrenaline, you should take a part in water sports like Jet-skiing, banana boat riding, and kayaking.

How to Get to Pangkor Island

Are you ready to go to Pangkor Island Malaysia? You can actually go to the island by some transportation types, such as plan, bus, train and car services. But the quickest way is taking a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Pangkor Island. There is a direct route from KLIA to Pangkor Island airport, served by Berjaya Air three times weekly, on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

To save the time, simply book the flight to Pangkor Island via Airpaz website. You can find special deals during your airline ticket search online and use price alert to maintain your traveling budget.

Happy Traveling!


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