A Complete Guide to Frankfurt, Germany

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Being the fifth largest metropolitan city in Germany, Frankfurt is famous for its financial and transportation central. This development was due to German integration so that Frankfurt rose from adversity and began to develop into a large industrial city. The many ancient buildings, bank headquarters and the busiest airports in the world make Germany dubbed as the seventh-best quality city in the world. Besides, one of the stations in the city of Hesse is the largest station in Europe, making it the busiest Autobahn crossing in Europe. Unfortunately, to decide to live in Frankfurt with the ease and grandeur that you have to think about it first because the cost of living is very expensive. This is proven by the data explaining that Frankfurt has the 10th most expensive cost of living in the world.

Tourist Attraction in Frankfurt

Buying Emirates aeroplane tickets with direct flights to Frankfurt, you will realize how harmonious the city in the European hemisphere is in preserving its historic buildings that adhere nicely with tall buildings as business Central Taste Culinary in Frankfurt. As a holiday destination, Frankfurt certainly has a lot of attractions that will make you feel at home for long in this German city. Moreover, this exotic city, including a city in Germany that is friendly to tourists and served by many airlines entirely.

1. Romer


This place is the first city hall in Romerberg that is too small to accommodate the needs of a rapidly growing city. There is a city park area which is a tourist attraction for foreign and local travellers. Travellers can take a rest on a wooden bench while looking at the scenery around it. You can find cafes and kiosks here with a variety of Frankfurt merchandise such as T-shirts, key chains, and others. Prepare some coins because here you will find buskers by showing their skills in music. Also, there are sculpture buskers with various colourful bodypaint resembling magicians, kings or others.

2. The Frankfurt Museum District (Museumsufer)

The Frankfurt Museum District Museumsufer 1 1

Located in the southern bank of the Main River, The Frankfurt Museum District has the best collection of separate museums which are many of them international standard. One of them is the World Culture Museum (Museum der Weltkulturen) founded in 1904. It’s one of Europe’s top ethnological museums has the collection includes more than 65,000 artefacts from Asia, Africa, and North and South America.
Next, the Ancient Sculpture Museum (Städtische Galerie Liebieghau) has a large collection of Asian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman sculptures, as well as pieces from the medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods. It’s different from the German Architecture Museum (Deutsches Architekturmuseum) having an architectural design, The Film Museum (Deutsches Filminstitut) having the Lumiere brothers and cinema history. You can find an excellent collection of paintings from the 14th century in the Städel Art Museum. It has the works of old masters like Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Goya.

3. Goethe House and Museum

Goethe House and Museum 1 1

Always remember to know more about Germany’s greatest writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe by visiting his house and museum. It shows the well-to-do family and their staff would have lived with the sumptuously decorated dining room. In the Goethe Museum there a 14-room gallery showcasing artworks including masterpieces of the Late Baroque and Romantic periods. Also, it has Menara Goethe a 43-meter-tall wooden structure. Here you can see superb views of the city. And shop a high-end shopping area in Goethestrasse offering many fine boutiques, art galleries, and cafés.

4. The Old Opera House

The Old Opera House 1 1

After destroyed during World War II, The Old Opera House was rebuilt and reopened in 1981. The place which is in the heart of Frankfurt’s Opera Square (Opernplatz) becomes one of the city’s most important concert venues. Then, Around the house is built the city’s new opera house and the drama theatre, Schauspiel Frankfurt, and Open-und Schauspielhaus Frankfurt.

5. The Eschenheimer Tower

The Eschenheimer Tower 1 1

Although built in the early 1400s, the tower still impresses with its dimensions and dominates the Eschenheimer Gate district. It has 47 meters high and the finest relic from Frankfurt’s old town walls. One thing that interest is the nearby Stock Exchange built-in 1879 and the largest in the country.

6. The Palm Garden

The Palm Garden 1 1

The tourist attraction opened in in 1871 is the largest botanic garden in Germany. It has outdoor botanical exhibits laid out according to their geographical location. Addition, it has several greenhouses containing subtropical and tropical plant species. Your family and you can gather here because of the garden offer boating, a children’s playground, and picnic spots. It interested some of the top performers from around the world for visiting included Buffalo Bill showed in 1890.

7. Senckenberg Natural History Museum

Senckenberg Natural History Museum 1 1

Located in Senckenberganlage 25, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, this museum is one of the most modern museums of natural history in Europe. It’s the second largest of the natural histories in Europe. You can find numerous displays relating to our planet’s biodiversity and the evolution of organisms. The museum is particularly popular with families to see Europe’s biggest exhibition. So that it has the world’s largest collection of stuffed birds.

8. Zoo Frankfurt

Zoo Frankfurt 1 1

Built covers 32 acres, the Zoo has more than 4,500 animals representing at least 450 different species. it’s built-in 1858 having excellent animal houses. One of them is Grzimek House having displays of Madagascar’s diverse fauna. Exotarium has animals from different climatic regions. Other highlights include The Borgori Forest having a superb ape house in an authentic jungle setting, Nocturnal Animals House and the Bird Hall.

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9. St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral

St. Bartholomews Cathedral 1 1

Called Frankfurter Dom, or Dom St. Bartholomäus, it’s one of the churches in Germany designated as an Imperial Cathedral. It’s built of red sandstone in Gothic style having high 95 meters. The Cathedral built between the 13th and 15th centuries made of red sandstone in Gothic style. And it’s still managed to stand out in this city of skyscrapers for a long time. Here you can find many carves like the magnificent Crucifixion by Hans Backoffen, Maria-Schlaf-Altar include the grave-slab of King Günther von Schwarzburg.

Taste Frankfurt Culinary

Each country has a variety of food variants that become the main menu that must be tested by tourists. At Frankfurt itself, various culinary specialties are worth a try when you travel to this place. Surely this will be a valuable experience when you can taste a variety of dishes provided by various restaurants in Frankfurt, especially for those of you who live in countries outside Europe. Here are some foods that you can try:

1. Frankfurter Würstchen

Frankfurter Würstchen

German sausages top the list of local specialities that you can try. Local people call it Frankfurter. The famous brand of sausages is Grief Völsings at a price of around € 6 (six euros for a pack). These can be purchased at the butcher shop or Kleinemarkthalle, Hauptwache.

2. Grüne Soße

Next, the favourite sauce of the residents of Hesse which has always been a compliment in food. The sauce, called Grüne Soße, is a mixture of seven chopped herbs and mayonnaise, yoghurt, sour cream or quark cheese. The sauce will be poured over boiled eggs and potatoes or sometimes beef in a cold state. Because this sauce food is a favourite of Germans in Hesse, you shouldn’t miss trying it.

3. Handkäs mit Music

For those of you who love cheese, do not ever miss to taste this food when visiting Frankfurt. Handkäs mit Music is translated as ‘hand cheese with music’ wherein this cheese is formed by hands. While the meaning of music itself is only mentfora because it tastes spicy. In restaurants and parts of the pub, low-fat fatty acid milk cheese marinated in vinegar, salt, pepper, onion and cumin oil.

4. Frankfurter Rippchen

The next traditional dish that you can enjoy well and properly is Frankfurter Rippchen. This food is an all-time favourite food which is cured and slices of slow-cooked pork. The food will be served hot with Sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and mustard. But if you like it in cold dishes then try it with bread rolls and potato salad.

5. Frankfurter Kranz

If you are still not full, try a ring-shaped sponge cake. Frankfurter Kranz is the name of the food served by cutting it horizontally into three layers. On the bottom two layers, this cake is coated with ICC buttercream and strawberry or cherry jam. Then the top layer is coated with more buttercream, topped with krokant, caramel fragile beans.

6. Äppelwoi

For those of you who like to drink beer, it would be nice to try Appelwoi like some German residents. They often gather together with a glass of Appelwoi. This drink is obtained from apple cider that has a much more acidic taste than the drink you usually find in the UK or the United States. But if you are used to consuming it will feel the freshness in it. The Sachsenhausen district in Frankfurt is a well-liked place to enjoy drinking Äppelwoi in Schoppen’s glassware.

Restaurants and Bars in Frank

Located in a strategic place makes Frankfurt am Main, or “Mainhattan” is often called a place that mixes international beats with classical German culture. The banks of the Main River, to the east of the Rhine, will provide this beautiful city with a variety of interesting eating places. Never forget to visit a unique restaurant and enjoy the food in it. Here are references to restaurants and bars that you can visit:

1. Oosten


It is one of the best brunch spots in Frankfurt located in Mayfarthstraße 4 60314. You can enjoy spectacular views of the Frankfurt skyline on a refurbished loading crane on the banks of the Main River. Enjoy your time by having some meal and try to taste the “curried-scrambled-eggs” or “eggs and asparagus”.

2. Lokalbahnhof


Located in Darmstädter Landstraße 14, 60594 built a deliberately modern German restaurant. Here offers some exciting update on German cuisine, the Schnitzel and salads. If you are here, try to visit the trendy Sachsenhausen neighbourhood south of the Grüne Sosse (green sauce). It’s made of sour cream with an assortment of herbs, compliments the Schnitzel perfectly so you feel comfortable.

3. Baby Burger

Baby Burger

If you like Burger so much, please visit Baby Burger as the place to eat. Located at the top of Berger Strasse were known for many of its restaurants. This restaurant served a simple no-nonsense high-quality beef burger joint. It makes you satisfied and misses it so much when going home.

4. Dauth Schneider (Apfelwein)

Dauth Schneider 1 1

If you need someplace with a restaurant and bar in one place. You can visit Dauth Schneider (Apfelwein) located in Neuer Wall 5, 60594. It’s a popular traditional German restaurant and bar, so it has to be visited. This place is the perfect place to sample Apfelwein served by the Bembel (jug). Apfelwein itself is a mixture of apple juice and white wine is available all over Frankfurt.

5. Seven Swans (& the Tiny Cup)

Seven Swans

One of some unique bar in Frankfurt has to be visited is Seven Swans (& The Tiny Cup). It’s caused this restaurant sits just 16 on a first come first serve basis. Located in the narrowest building in Frankfurt offering a unique styled dining room on each floor. So if you want to be here please come earlier.

6. Sullivan


It is a very trendy bar in the shadow of Frankfurt’s skyscrapers located in Kaiserstraße 12, 60311. You can do a short walk from the main shopping street (Hauptwache). Enjoy your cocktails having well priced. If you are smoking, take your place in the smoking bar upstairs, because downstairs is the non-smoking area.

Stay in Frankfurt Hotel

Travelling to Frankfurt doesn’t need to worry about finding a place to rest because there are plenty of hotels and inns that you can visit. You can choose hotels with various stars according to your needs and of course, the facilities provided by each hotel will be different. Here, some hotel references are close to public places so that it is easy to reach them. Among these hotels include:

1. Hotel Hamburger Hof

Hotel Hamburger Hof

This 3-star-superior hotel has a burgundy-accented lobby and 62 comfortable rooms. Not only that but also contemporary furnishings and sparkling bathrooms. It offers soundproofed rooms, free Wi-Fi in the entire hotel, a laptop safe, and completed by varied buffet breakfasts and a minibar. Hamburger Hof located opposite Frankfurt Central Station is near many shops and restaurants. It’s because you need less than a 10-minute walk away to get them. You can get a hotel every time because it has a 24-hour reception.

2. Steigenberger Hotel Metropolitan

Steigenberger Hotel Metropolitan 1 1

Need five-stars hotel, You can try to get Steigenberger Hotel Metropolitan standing beside Frankfurt Central Station, a 10-minute walk from the Frankfurt Messe Exhibition Central. Here, you are provided with a free city travel pass on arrival. The hotel has the soundproofed rooms offering many facilities such as large rooms with iPod station, a stylish health club, free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, a minibar, sauna, steam room, gym, bar & lounge and many more.

3. BIO-Hotel Villa Orange

BIO-Hotel Villa Orange

Located 2,8km from Fair Frankfurt offers a winning combination of tranquillity, modern German design and small-hotel comforts (such as a quiet corner library). The first Organic Hotel situated in Frankfurt has 38 spacious rooms, free-standing baths, four-poster beds and the sheets, the soap and the bountiful buffet breakfast. You can enjoy an air-conditioned room with a flat-screen TV and the on-site bar.

4. Hotel Palmenhof

Hotel Palmenhof 1 1

Located in the heart of the leafy Westend, Palmenhof constructed in 1890 offers 45 understated rooms with a mix of modern and classical furnishings. Here offer individually designed rooms because it has spacious rooms and suites with satellite TV, modern desks, and stylish bathrooms completed high-speed Wi-Fi. It’s near to The Bockenheimer Warte Underground Station because it needs a 2-minute only walk from the Hotel Palmenhof. Besides, you need 10-15 minutes only away on foot to get the Frankfurt Messe exhibition central.

5. Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof

Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof 1 1

Need the palatial hotel to rest your head, take Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof hotel. it has many facilities such as 261 luxurious rooms, 42 even more luxurious suites, four gourmet restaurants, a- 48 different kinds of rum-cigar lounge, gym, a sun terrace and Frankfurt’s largest spa. It’s located in the middle of the historic, financial district of Frankfurt and 1.0 km the Emperor St. Bartholomäus’s Cathedral.

6. Adina Apartment Hotel Frankfurt Neue Oper

Adina Apartment Hotel Frankfurt Neue Oper 1 1

Apartment located near Frankfurt Central Station and the Zeil shopping street. Overlooking the River Main, the apartment is suitable for self-caterers and families, the spacious one- and two-bedroom apartments in high. Many facilities can you get here such as roof terraces, the free indoor pool, kitchenette, a flat-screen TV and a laptop safe.

4. 25hours Hotel the Goldman

25hours Hotel the Goldman 1 1

Hotel located a 10-minute tram ride from Frankfurt’s Römer square has amenities include a top-notch Mediterranean restaurant, free bikes, free coffee, free Sky TV, complimentary water, and free high-speed Wi-Fi. 25hours Hotel The Goldman having the 49 original 22-sq-metre rooms and the 48 most recent rooms offer guests a creative and innovative design provided by local artists. You can relax while socialising and is popular with local artists in the evenings.

Infrastructure and Transportation in Frankfurt

As a city that is the largest financial and transportation centre on the European continent, Frankfurt has a variety of advanced transportation that you can find while enjoying a vacation. You can use a variety of appropriate transactions and adequate infrastructure so that it will not be difficult for you to get to your destination. There are some transportation and infrastructure that you can find there such as:

1. Airport

There are three airports found in Frankfurt such as:

a. Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport

The airport located 12 km (7 mi) southwest of the city central ranks among the world’s busiest airports by passenger traffic and by cargo traffic in Europe. Frankfurt Airport served 265 non-stop destinations with four runways plans to expand the airport in 2020 so it can increase the capacity up to 88 million. You can get the airport by car or bus with two railway stations be able to be used. They have different usability one for regional the other for long-distance traffic.

b. Frankfurt Hahn Airport

Frankfurt Hahn Airport

The airport located 120 km (75 mi) from the city in Lautzenhausen (Rhineland-Palatinate) named Frankfurt Hahn Airport (Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn). It differs from Frankfurt airport, Frankfurt Hahn airport only be reached by car or bus having bus service runs from Frankfurt Central Station. A major base for low-cost carrier Ryanair takes about 1-hour and 45 minutes.

c. Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport

Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport 1 1

The airport which is a busy general aviation airport located south-east of Frankfurt Airport, near Egelsbach.

2. Railway stations

There are three stations found in Frankfurt such as:

a. Frankfurt Central Station

Frankfurt Central Station 1 1

Many people often abbreviated as Frankfurt (Main) Hbf or F-Hbf located between the Gallus, the Gutleutviertel and the Bahnhofsviertel district. Because serving as a major hub for long-distance trains (InterCity, ICE), regional trains and Frankfurt’s public transport system, no wonder the station be the largest railway station in Germany by railway traffic.

b. Frankfurt Airport stations

Frankfurt Airport stations 1 1

It’s one of two railway stations can be accessed only for long-distance traffic. It also connects the airport to the main rail network using the Cologne-Frankfurt high-speed rail line.

c. Frankfurt South station

Frankfurt South station

The next long-distance station in Frankfurt is Frankfurt Südbahnhof abbreviated as Frankfurt (Main) Süd or F-Süd. It’s used local trains and trams (lines 14 to 16, 19) which is an important destination. Besides that, it’s used the terminal stop for four U-Bahn lines (U1, U2, U3, U8) and four S-Bahn lines (S3, S4, S5, S6).

d. Messe Stations

Messe Stations

One of the Frankfurt Trade Fair is Messe Stations used for local S-Bahn trains (lines S3-S6). It’s located at the centre of the trade fair premises. The other is used for U-Bahn line U4 located at the north-east corner of the premises named Festhalle Station.

e. Konstablerwache station and Hauptwache station

Both stations located on each end of the Zeil which is the main stations to change from east-to-west-bound S-Bahn trains to north-to-south-bound U-Bahn trains. They have a different level of activity, Konstablerwache has daily passenger volume (191,000) so being the second-busiest railway station. The next is Hauptwache being the third-busiest railway station with daily passenger volume (181,000).

f. Coach stations

Coach stations

Also, Frankfurt has three stations for intercity bus services. They have different places, one at the south side of the Central Station, other at Terminal 2 of the airport and the other at Stephanstraße.

3. Public transport

The many types of public transportation make it easy for you to browse all the places in Frankfurt. The existing public transportation is divided into two rapid transit systems such as; U-Bahn and S-Bahn, as well as an above-ground tram system.

a. S-Bahn


Transportation having nine S-Bahn lines (S1 to S9) at least 15 minutes of service during the day. They connect Frankfurt with the densely populated Rhine-Main Region serving one/two lines in one route at 15-30 minute intervals. But it doesn’t work for line S7 because it has to run through the Frankfurt city tunnel and serve Ostendstraße, Konstablerwache, Hauptwache, Taunusanlage and Frankfurt Central Station stations.

b. U-Bahn


Although U-Bahn has nine lines, it has the different served city. U-Bahn serving Frankfurt and the larger suburbs in Bad Homburg and Oberursel in the north has 2.5 minutes minimum service interval. Because having many travel routes along the path in the middle of the road, U-Bahn is a light train (Stadtbahn).

c. Tram


Tram is the next transportation need trying. Here you don’t worry to not get it because it has ten tram lines (11, 12, 14 to 21) with 10 minutes service interval. Using this transportation need time enough because serving more stops than the U-Bahn or S-Bahn.

d. Bus


This transportation becomes a complement of the public transportation system in Frankfurt. In the night, night bus replaces the U-Bahn and tram service between 1:30 am and 3:30 am. You can get them Konstablerwache in the city centre.



Sometimes, you can see some of the taxi pass the road outside the main S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations, at the central station, the south station, Airport. Using a taxi to carry you up to the destination place by calling a taxi operator or go to the taxi stand.

f. Bike


You can take around someplace by bike rent through Call a Bike service. You can call a service number to get an unlock code or use your smartphone. The colour of the bike has two colour, silver-red colour and blue colour scheme.

Have a Shopping in Frankfurt

Finding a place to spend time travelling and shopping is not difficult in Frankfurt. You will get a shopping place with a beautiful and luxurious exterior so you will never be bored to stay long in Frankfurt. Here are some shopping places that you can make references

1. Hessen Central

Hessen Central

The place located northeast of Frankfurt was one of the first shopping centrals in Germany when it opened in 1971 and is still one of the most popular in Hesse today. Since modernization in 1998, shopping has become increasingly attractive. Under a large glass roof, there are three levels, some of which are decorated with many plants and fountains. At around 36,000 square meters, more than 150 shops have settled. The crowd-puller is also a department store, hypermarkets, beverage market, and two large textile stores.

2. Zeil


Not only are the most famous department stores here, but many shops also offer a variety of goods. No wonder Zeil is one of the busiest shopping centrals in Europe. A special attraction is the spectacular shopping centre “My Zeil”, which was designed by Italian star architect Massimiliano Fuksas and opened on February 26, 2009. Zeil has an open funnel-shaped exterior that can lure visitors into the building. At eight levels, there are other shops with high-quality branded goods, grocery stores, catering, electronic markets – and the longest independent escalator in Europe.

3. Metzingen


Do you want to shop for branded goods at low prices? Come to the outlet city, Metzingen. This place is located in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Starting from Nike, Gucci, Guess, and many other famous designer brands you can find here. So don’t be surprised if Metzingen is one of the favourite destinations for tourists to shop while on vacation in Germany.

4. Viktualienmarkt


You don’t like shopping for designer goods? No need to worry. You can use Viktualienmarkt as an alternative place to shop while in Munich. In this market many sellers sell food and souvenirs that you can make souvenirs for your friends and family. Because the goods and food sold are quite diverse, both locals and tourists love to shop at this market.

5. Neue Kräme

The pedestrian zone connects Zeil with Paulsplatz and has a centuries-old tradition as a shopping centre. Here “items” are offered such as plates, cups and other household items. At Neue Kräme, customers can choose from a complete range of speciality stores. During opening hours it’s always busy here. There is also a special oasis of silence and contemplation during busy shopping – Liebfrauenkirche with a monastery and a publicly accessible courtyard of the Capuchin monastery with the statue of Our Lady.

6. Hanau Highway


Hanauer Landstraße is not a classic road, because it looks rather unfriendly as a toll road and part of an industrial area. However, the popularity of the road near Frankfurt has increased rapidly, because many outlet shops have settled there. Customers will find offers to look for designer clothing or sporting goods. It appears that many dealers are lined up on both sides of the road. Also culinary, Hanauer Landstraße has something special to offer. Since 1913, one of Frankfurt’s most famous specialities has been produced and stored here, beef sausage from Gref-Völsings.

Important things and Tips Travelling to Frankfurt

The grandeur of architecture and the beauty of the layout of the city will make you comfortable and want to be in Frankfurt. But do not let you ignore the habits that are done in this metropolitan city so that it does not interfere with your vacation in this city. The things to note and tips for Frankfurt include:

1. Allow View Calendar

Allow View Calendar

Keep an eye on the Frankfurt event calendar before planning there. That’s because Frankfurt is home to large exhibition centres and frequent trade shows throughout the year. Visiting this city at its events makes you not get a hotel and prices will also go up.

2. Hostel prices

Hostel prices

Knowing the price of hostels in Frankfurt is very necessary for the comfort of your vacation. Prepare around EUR 25 per night for a 10-14 person dorm room, but it will be more expensive if you order only 4-8 people (30-35 EUR per night). When booking a private room, the price you need to pay is between 50-70 EUR per night. Try exciting things when spending a vacation here travelling by tent by paying around EUR 10 per night for a standard plot.

3. Cheap hotel prices

Cheap hotel prices

Having a standard provision, you can search for the cheapest hotels in Frankfurt starting from EUR 50 per night for a double room with private bathroom. The service provided is not too fancy but comfortable enough to live in, because breakfast is free, and WiFi is pretty standard.

4. Average food costs

Average food costs

Frankfurt is known for its food so you have to use the right budget. You need 12 EUR for food and 4 EUR / 1 litre of beer as long as you don’t go to an upscale restaurant. You can enjoy fast food or McDonald’s for around 7 EUR, hot dogs and sausages for 2-4 EUR from street vendors. This will minimize the budget while staying there.

5. Transportation costs

Transportation costs

You can use public transportation in Frankfurt using a card that costs 10.50 EUR. Public transportation in the form of a bus / U-Bahn is the main recommendation of whether you use a private vehicle in the form of a taxi. If you want to get around the city it’s a pity if you don’t try the bicycle as the main vehicle. This will provide a different situation for those of you who always use motorized vehicles.

6. Start your day at Cafe Karin

Start your day at Cafe Karin 1 1

You can start your day with breakfast at Café Karin am Großen Hirschgraben. The servants will serve heavenly delicacies from bircher muesli to bresaola rolls to farmer’s omelette with their favourite ingredients.

7. Try the German Typical Sauce Variant

Grie Soß, high German green sauce. This is a cold sour or sour cream sauce and seven herbs borage, chervil, lettuce, parsley, Pimpinella, reddish chocolate and chives. They are eaten with potatoes and boiled eggs. Try to get the food at the Schreiber Heyne restaurant.

8. Various festivals in Frankfurt

Various festivals in Frankfurt 1 1

The Sommerwerft Festival in Ostend Frankfurt is really good so you don’t want to leave this event. You can enjoy the festival which starts in mid-August for free. Various dance groups, musicians and writers will be performing at Weseler Werft. At the open-air festival in Günthersburgpark, there will be theatre, cabaret and live music between mid-July and mid-August, also with free admission.

9. Enjoy the Main River of Frankfurt

Enjoy the Main River of Frankfurt 1 1

From Sachsenhäuser Ufer you can see the horizon that is practically everywhere. And if you like culture, you will find many museums here, like Städel, which is very popular among fans of classical paintings. If you want to move a little, borrow a paddleboat on the Eiserner Steg bridge. Or walk along the northern edge of Main until reaching the relatively new Oosten, a steel and glass restaurant built around an old crane used to load ships.

10. Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery

Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery 1 1

You can enjoy the beautiful view of the 198-meter high tower observation deck. Here you are in line with all the other skyscrapers and you can see how the life of the big city along the pedestrian zone. Rhine-Main-Main Airport, the second largest airport in Europe, can be seen from here and on sunny days you can see Odenwald in the distance. Towards night, you can use the 22nd floor at Eurotherm. The 22nd Lounge Bar offers delicious drinks and a broad view of Frankfurt.

Enjoy the Nightlife

For the metropolitan city, the night is not a barrier to stop enjoying a vacation. All of that is because there are so many places that you can visit with a variety of different activities. Here are references that you can use while in Frankfurt at night:

1. Le Panther

Le Panther frankfurt

The place is surrounded by manicured gardens with fountains, ponds and lounges occupying 1808 villas. You can relax for a while enjoying a cocktail with fresh herbs from the garden as well as organic juice and mix.

2. Sugar Mama

Sugar Mama

Enjoy the past atmosphere by visiting this place. Here you will see a variety of antique furniture and 70s sofas, wooden crate rocking chairs and soft rattan chairs. On the sidewalk terrace, there is an outdoor lounge space overlooking the hippie-chic cafe. You can enjoy a variety of dishes ranging from herbal teas ranging from lemons and ginger to lavender, rooibos, mint, and peaches. Also, you can order food variants here ranging from quiches, cakes, brownies to various cakes.

3. Kaffeerösterei Wissmüller

Since 1948, this place has become a favourite place for coffee. Arriving in a closed hallway you will be greeted with the aroma of freshly baked KPI fragrance. You can enjoy coffee variants from various 17 different countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Kenya and Guatemala.

4. Fichtekränzi

You can visit an authentic apple wine shop founded in 1849 to spend the night. Wooden panelled walls, smoke-stained murals, long tables, long benches, beer gardens will be a different scene when entering this place. You can enjoy a variety of dishes including classic Handkäse mit Music dishes, schnitzel and apple strudel.

5. Südbahnhof

In the Südbahnhof S-Bahn station, you can enjoy Local Music. Südbahnhof is known as the ’30 -Plus’ party, which starts at 9 pm – 3 am. Also, this place will be used to host dances for seniors on Monday 4 pm-8pm. Whereas on Sunday afternoon you can enjoy live music.

6. Dreyer’s Bootshaus

Dreyer's Bootshaus

Enjoying dusk with a glass of apple wine or beer until the evening will be the most interesting thing. Coupled with city lights that start burning on the river provide a dramatic horizon. The upper deck of the summer ship’s bar is adorned with brain-flower boxes containing geraniums.

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