A Complete List to the Beauty of Ko Samui, Thailand

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Ko Samui has an area of 228.7 km2 is part of Surat Thani Province, the second largest island in Thailand after Phuket. Ko Samui is near from many tourist attractions such as the resort island of Ko Pha-ngan, Ko Tao and Ko Nang Yuan in the north, the Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park in the western end. Also, there is the uninhabited island of Ko Som in the northeast, Ko Taen and Ko Matsum is in the south. Having abundant tourism resources, sandy beaches, coral reefs, and coconut trees, this Island becomes the most important island in the Chumphon Islands.

Let’s Enjoy Tourist Attractions in Ko Samui

Abundant natural resources such as white sand, towering coconut trees, and beautiful coral reefs. Ko Samui attracts many tourists from around the world wanting to enjoy the natural beauty of Thailand because so many tourists come to Ko Samui. The longer the more investors are building new villas, resorts, bungalows, and hotels. Lodging around the tourist area is around 290 lodging types.

• Ang Thong National Marine Park


This pristine archipelago of 42 islands having towering limestone mountains, thick jungle, white-sand beaches, fertile mangroves, waterfalls, and hidden coves and lakes. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Ang Thong a protected area of more than 100sqkm of land and sea. Besides, it is home to a variety of exotic wildlife and sea creatures.

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• Samui Elephant Sanctuary

Samui Elephant Sanctuary

Enjoy ethnic elephant interaction at Samui. Inspired by the famous Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Samui Elephant Sanctuary is a perfect place to observe well-cared elephants in their natural habitat and do an excellent job of raising awareness of the issues facing elephants in Southeast Asia. Perfect for animal lovers.

• Ko Tao

Koh Tao

Having meaning ‘Turtle Island’ being the scuba diving destination of choice in Thailand. Located in 55 km to the north of Ko Samui has the perfect white-sand beaches which ring the hilly 21 km²island. Here you can see the vibrant coral reefs homing a wide range of exciting and colorful sea creatures, including turtles, naturally because it has the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

• Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach

The coastline on the east coast is 7 km long with soft white sand. In the largest and busiest beach on Samui, you can lazy on the beach or playing windsurfing, jetski, snorkeling, and other water sports can be done here. Come here on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday because in front of the lake there is a night market. Of course, It’s suitable for hunting local snacks at low prices. Don’t worry about enjoy all times because here you can enjoy the nightlife in Chaweng indeed vibrant.

• Off-Road Lane

Off Road Lane Koh Samui

Enjoy Ko Samui with your adrenaline by exciting adventure activities named off-road lane. Located on the hills of this island, you can track a variety of coconut vegetation, rambutan and durian gardens. Not only that but also getting a prize, a very beautiful ocean view at the end of the track.

Tourist Attractions of Nature in Ko Samui

Located in an area that has a tropical climate, Ko Samui provides comfort and charm. You can enjoy various kinds of natural attractions, especially beaches that have exotic features and advantages. Be careful you will be confused to visit which beach to visit, so get list make your vacation meaningful.

• Hin Ta and Yin Hai (Grandpa & Grandma Rock)

Hin Ta and Yin Hai

Located 2 km south of Lamai Beach, you can drive +/- 20 minutes from Chaweng. Among the rock formations scattered on the beach, there are two unique stones; one resembles male genitals and the other female genitals. In this place, tourists can not swim because the beach is full of rocks.

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• Bophut Beach

Bophut Beach

Having white sand along 2 km and hundreds of palm trees in a row is one of the characteristics of Bophut Beach. Enjoy water sports such as jet skiing and kayaking, Bophut is more popular with tourists compared to Chaweng and Lamai. On this north coast besides Bophut, you can also see Maenam beach, Big Buddha (Hat Bang Rak), and Choeng Mon.

• Namuang Waterfall

Namuang Waterfall

Bored at the sea, you can enjoy Namuang Waterfall located 12 km from Nathon. This is the highest waterfall in Samui located in the middle, not on the coast. Although this waterfall is not as beautiful as a waterfall in your country, it can distractions from the sea.

• Silver Beach


Chaweng is the most popular but you have to visit the Silver beach as the most beautiful island. Its dense forest views and rock outcrops create a feeling of being stranded in heaven without ever wanting to be saved. The rocks can make swimming difficult at the end of the beach, snorkeling. Here, you also find massage huts and beach bars along the beach. Quieter than Chaweng, Silver Beach located in the city of Lamai still having a lot of activities to offer without ever feeling like you can’t escape the noise.

Religious Tourist Attractions in Ko Samui

Buddhism became the majority religion that flourished on this island. Various religious relics can be found here such as statues, stupas or corpses that have been preserved. Not only that, you can find a holy place to pray and get to know Thai monks with their simplicity

• Wat Phra Yai (The Big Buddha Temple)

Wat Phra Yai

Located 7.5 km to the north of Chaweng is known as The Big Buddha Temple. To reach the 15 m tall yellow Buddha statue we must climb the stairs. Wat Phra Yai is a landmark of Ko Samui had to be visited. For enjoying this temple you can come from 7 am to 5 pm and it’s free but please donate in the donation box.

• Wat Plai Laem

Wat Plai Laem

From Wat Phra Yai, a 15-minute walk arrives at this colorful pagoda, which was completed in 2004. Here you can see two large +/- 20 m high statues in the middle of a fish pond. One statue of Ji Lay Hut (The Smiling Buddha) and another Dewi Kwan Im. To enjoy the landmark is free but you only need money for donation, come here at 7 am until 5 pm.

• Orthodox Church

Orthodox Church

You can find this Russian heritage church in Ko Samui. Located in the Lamai area, Orthodox church can you visit to see the uniqueness of this island, or to pray. Here you can also enjoy views of the beautiful Gulf of Thailand directly.

• Wat Suan Mokkha Phalaram

Wat Suan Mokkha Phalaram

Trying to be far from crowded, you can visit Wat Suan Mokkha Phalaram. This place is suitable for meditation and Dharma learning because of located in the middle of a beautiful forest. Here is known by the place living and understanding monks in Thailand, the Buddhist monk. Don’t miss an interesting Spiritual Theater here.

Cultural Tourist Attractions in Ko Samui Never End

Ko Samui has been inhabited by humans since 15 centuries ago, most of the residents work as fishermen. The length of civilization on this island has an impact on historical relics that you can enjoy easily. There are even some of these cultural attractions without the cost.

• Wat Khunaram


The tourism attraction located 6 km west of Lamai Beach is famous for the mummy of a monk named Luong Pho Daeng. He died at the age of 79 in a meditative position. According to his message, if the body was damaged he asked to be cremated, but if the condition is good, ask to be displayed in a glass box as an inspiration for Buddhists. With the hot and humid weather, the body should have been damaged, but for more than 40 years in a glass box, only the eyes had started to dry out, and so it didn’t look scary, black glasses were installed. Visit Wat Khunaram at 7 am until 5 pm and take your money for donation.

• Secret Buddha Garden

Secret Buddha Garden

Located high in the hills of Samui forest, Secret Buddha has enchanting attraction is unique. The garden is known as a magical park because of it full of many statues not only the Buddha but various figures from Buddhist mythology. Although working in the garden only began in 1976, he has a much older feeling, and surprises lurk around every corner – or behind every tree. Spooky but fun, it’s worth visiting the Thais as part of a tour because they will be able to explain the importance of the statues.

• Phra That Chaiya

Phra That Chaiya

Located in Chaiya city having a long history of Surat Thani and also linking to Indonesia. It’s because of believed to be part of the Srivijaya Kingdom. Here you can find the most important monastery established 1,200 years ago. Besides the holy relic of the Buddha Gautama, you can visit the National Museum of Chaiya having a collection of bronze statues of the Buddha in his reincarnation as a very special Phra Bodhisat Avalokitesvara.

Taste Ko Samui Culinary

Many types of food that you can choose while on Ko Samui. Regarding food in Ko Samui, it discusses the culture of Malaysia, India, and Indonesia. It provides unique and complete food with delicious flavors to eat with family and friends when traveling here.

• Tom Yum

Tom Yum

One of the foods that you must taste while on vacation in Ko Samui is Tom Yum. This food is a typical Thai soup having a strong taste because the spices used are spices such as lemongrass, fish sauce, lime juice, lime leaves, and chili. Besides, it’s has a thick and seasoned sauce. it’s the more complete with the pieces of shrimp, meat, vegetables, and others. You can try three types of gravy such as nam khon or gravy with thick milk, nam sai or clear broth and kathi or coconut broth.

• Sea Food

Sea Food

There are many beaches making seafood cuisines be one of favorite Thai food in Ko Samui. Here you can feast on fish, shellfish, crab, lobster, squid, prawn freshly because of caught daily. Samui seafood is second-to-none in popularity adding hai-style, with tamarind, lemon, ginger or basil coconut sauces.

• Som Tam

Som Tam

This food is suitable for vegetable lovers. Som tam is a typical Thai salad that is not common because this one salad is made from young papaya and seasoned. Spices used include chili, fish sausage, lime, and palm sugar. Apart from papaya, there are other supplementary ingredients such as dried shrimp, long beans, sangria beans, and eggplant. This food is certainly fresh and delicious. Suitable to be eaten with family and friends.

• Phad Thai

Phad Thai

This food was known in Thailand during the reign of the Ayutthaya kingdom. Some say this food is not native to Thailand, but the influence of China. Foods based mainly on noodles are equipped with turnips, bean sprouts, beans, shrimp and omelet eggs. It has a variety of savory, sweet and slightly sour flavors from the lemon used.

• Tom Kha Kai

Tom Kha Kai 1 1

This kind of chicken soup with the sour and spicy taste you should never skip. It’s made from coconut milk, kaffir lime, Laos, lemongrass, coriander, mushroom, lime juice, and chicken pieces. This food has a high taste like other Asian specialties because of the spices contained in it.

Restaurants in Ko Samui

Looking for a restaurant with a comfortable and unforgettable atmosphere is the most sought after. In Khai Samui, you can get all these things with a variety of decorations, typical food types with a variety of natural herbs that have a high taste. You can enjoy your food with a sunset that gives beauty.

• Saffron

A restaurant having a high taste like other Asian specialties located in the top of a hill, overlooking the Andaman Sea and the northeastern coast of Samui Island. Here, you will be served impeccable and discreet service with a refined atmosphere and decor.

• Tree Tops

Tree Tops

Looking for a unique environment to have a meal, visit Tree Tops serving first-class dishes. Actually, not only the food makes unique but also the place is located in eight private open-sided tree-houses perched in the canopy. Restaurant getting Anantara Lawana Resort’s signature award will take your taste buds to a new high. It’s because the chef blends flavors from all around the world.

• Farmer Restaurant

Farmer Restaurant

Located off Samui’s Ring Road in Mae Nam, this restaurant blends modernism and tradition in style. Have your meal while enjoying the views of the mountainous center area of Samui Island. Farmer restaurant features contemporary architecture and furnishing set in the middle of rice-paddies by offering the cuisine comes from northern and southern Thailand.

• The Island View Restaurant


Located in Taling Ngam, on the west coast of Samui Island, Island View Features covered and outdoor areas. Here is a great sundowner spot while sampling delicious local specialties. The restaurant made of bamboo-and-thatch, and surrounded by coconut trees are neat and clean. Favorite food is specialized in fresh fish and seafood dishes can also get a list of cocktails served at only 100 baht.

• InterContinental Samui

Inter Continental Samui

Located in landscaped tropical gardens offering the beautiful Taling Ngam bay below. built majestically over the beautiful Taling Ngam bay sunsets and spectacular views of the brilliantly. Getting award as legendary status over the years by the New York Times No.1 Best Seller 1,000 Places to See Before You Die.

• Four Seasons Ko Samui


A resort designed around groves of coconut palms located far from all hillside resort on the mystical Gulf of Siam. Having the 63 villas and residences offers chic, alfresco living spaces added spacing with their infinity pools.

• Kob Thai

Kob Thai

Traveling with your family is not confused anymore to get the restaurant for having a meal. Kob Thai opened in 2012 under French management built on a rather large plot featuring eight salas and a swimming pool. Located 200m from Samui’s Ring Road, the restaurant specializes in traditional Thai dishes prepared by a talented team with unpretentious and fairly priced.

Enjoy the Nightlife

The night does not mean you cannot enjoy a variety of tourist attractions because on Ko Samui there are nightlife options. You can enjoy various club lounges, naughty bars, beach bars and discos in several places. Plan the nightspots you will visit so that they will make an unforgettable impression while on vacation here.

• Coco Tams

Coco Tams

Located outside of The Wharf Samui, this bar is a fun and extremely popular beach bar to spend your nightlife. The nightlife attractions in Fisherman’s Village is the ideal tropical relaxation spot with only a couple of palm-thatch buildings. This bar is completed by cabanas, shisha, and even a large projector screen. There is a neat little garden making an easy-going rustic beach bar.

• Central Lamai Beer Bars Plaza


Looking for a lively bar, you can get Central Lamai Beer Bars Plaza, located in the center of Lamai, opposite McDonald’s. On hosting 2,000 square meters, you can find a dozen beers. Here you can hear different volumes of music to produce a headache.

• Bar Solo Samui

Bar Solo Samui

Enjoy your nightlife by visiting the best nightlife attractions on Ko Samui, Solo Bar. it’s famous because you can join the Green Mango Club and Reggae Pub and all the street bars and clubs that are named after him. Stylish two-story bars and clubs are a popular choice to start the night so it’s no surprise that the chairs and bar tables are filled early. You can get big sporting events, pool tables, and get half-price cocktails by attending here from 2 am to 8 am.

• Legends Bar

Legends Bar

Loves all music genres including all the classic songs from the ’60s to the 90s: rock, pop, hard, and blues can visit Legends Bar. This bar located in the heart of the main resort town of Ko Samui has a motto: “no techno, no Spice Girls, no band boy!”.

• Ark Bar

Ark Bar

The cosmopolitan seaside having nearly 150m wide offers food, drinks, relaxing channels to mingle and party. Although, Ark Bar has change hands several times it still uses the same method to attract people. This bar is one of the child-friendly vibe attracting because performing fire dancers, fire shows, eating and dancing on the beach.

• On-Street Bar

On Street Bar

Visit the most original place in the extraordinary nightlife of Chaweng. You can get here on a small land right next to the entrance of KC Beach Club Hotel. This bar is made of corrugated iron and recycled wood painted in bright colors. Because made of old items and featuring restored furniture, On Street Bar proves that having shop does not need the amount of money invested to make it shiny and attractive.

• Soi Green Mango


Enjoy your nightlife by getting cheap drinks, loud music and good times. In beating heart of the island’s nightlife, you can find a good few beer bars and a couple of go-go bars added the compulsorily scantily-clad girls stood outside.

Stay in Ko Samui Hotel

Hotels become needs that must be met when traveling abroad. In Ko Samui, you can choose a hotel or resort located close to the beach so you can enjoy the beauty of the beach longer in the afternoon until the evening. There are so many hotels that you can start from three to five-story hotels. Of course, all hotels have different facilities to satisfy guests.

• OZO Chaweng Samui

thumb-ozo-chaweng-samui (1)

Located in a beachfront Chaweng Beach, this hotel is perfect to enjoy a blissful day on the golden sand beach of Chaweng. It’s suitable for far from crowded because it’s sheltered from the main street so you can take a blissful night sleep. Many facilities can be found here such as restaurants, bars, clubs for which Chaweng is rightly famous. The building has a white-blue color scheme that is funky, modern divided into five categories.

• Vana Belle A Luxury Collection Resort Ko Samui

Vana Belle A Luxury Collection Resort Koh Samui

Need hotel offering luxury five-star villas near to bustling Chaweng Beach, you can bocking Vana Belle hotel. Offering the five lavishly villas, Vana Belle overlooks the Gulf of Thailand. Here you can get many facilities such as controlled air conditioning, top-range flat-screen TVs with international cable channels and DVD players, IDD telephone, quality bedding with bed size choices and decorative local textiles, polished teakwood flooring, electronic safety deposit boxes, etc.

• Woobar


Separating Bophut from Maenam, Woobar features a large outdoor deck with swimming pool. A modern upscale resort having stunning contemporary style perfected by the panoramic view over the sea. You can enjoy a pleasant sundowner spot due, but you have to pay a 600 baht entrance fee applied which can be redeemed against food and beverages.

• Manathai Samui Resort

Manathai Samui Resort

Like something unique in a colossal style, you should try this resort. The resort has quasi-colonial style located in outside Lamai on the east coast of Ko Samui. Many best facilities are offered here with consist of Superior Rooms, Junior Suites, Deluxe Suites, and Executive Suites.

• Casa De Mar


Looking for hotel located in centrally Ko Samui, you can bocking Casa De Mar. It only takes 5 minutes from Phetch Buncha Thai Boxing Stadium. Enjoy the facilities are offered here including dry cleaning/laundry services, a 24-hour front desk, and luggage storage. This hotel also offers roundtrip airport shuttle but provided for a surcharge during limited hours.

• Bophut Resort & Spa


Located in the northern tip of Samui enjoy the views of nearby Full Moon party island Ko Phangan. Not only that but also near from picturesque and historic Bohput Fisherman Village. Many accommodations with different facilities such as Deluxe Garden, Deluxe Outdoor Jacuzzi, Junior Suites, Garden Villas, Garden Plunge Pool Villa, Garden Pool Villa, Beachfront Villa, and Premier Pool Villa.

• Amari Palm Reef Ko Samui


Offering you different beautiful views located not far from central Chaweng on the east coast of Ko Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. Located in setting right by the sea having 20 Superior Beach King Rooms, 29 Deluxe Thai Village Rooms, 84 Deluxe Garden Wing Rooms, 31 Deluxe Pool View Rooms. Besides those, Amari Palm has 16 Deluxe Thai Village Family Rooms, four Deluxe Beach Wing Ocean View Rooms, and four Junior Suite Ocean Views.

Transportation in Ko Samui

At the island of Ko Samui, there is already a highway, so you have to move places on Ko Samui very easily. Many buses operate on Ko Samui is going to get you up wherever you want. Besides, there are plenty of tuk-tuks, motorbikes, and taxis in all parts of Ko Samui. Don’t forget to bargain the price before taking a tuk-tuk or taxi.

• Songthaews


The transportation spelled Songtaeo, Songtaw, Songtao is a pick-up truck with a converted bed. The version of public transport Ko Samui’s can fit between 8-10 adults inside. Although the routes of Songthaews never set in stone and depends more on driver preference, it cuts through every major beach town (except Choeng Mon). Getting this transportation is easy because you stand on a roadside, state your destination, hop in the back. Arriving at your destination, you can ring the bell inside and pay it, but before getting in you should ask on the price first so you can know the budget needed

• Taxi

There are two kinds of taxies you can be found such as the Samui Taxi and NaviGo Samui. The Samui Taxi is a public taxi service not using their meters. So, you can be possible to bargain at least 400 baht, or even better, 300 baht. The other named of NaviGo Samui which is a Mobile taxi application similar to ber and GrabTaxi in the west. It’s cheaper because the fares are strictly metered and you can know an estimate of the total fare before confirming the order.

• Airport taxi

Airport taxi

There is a taxi counter after the arrival hall at Samui Airport. However, queuing and waiting for the service is quite annoying. Other taxis are waiting behind the counter, but the price is either the same or mostly higher. It is probably best to book your taxi or minibus in advance online. There is a reliable provider such as Samui Taxi [17] which charges 440 baht to Chaweng and they wait for their clients at the meeting point.

• Car

SUV-Car-Rental-Koh-Samui-0040386 (1)

Traveling to Ko Samui with your family does not think about transportations because here you can get many tourism attractions by car hire. Many cars hire options can you get including the local arms of international companies such as Budget and Avis. Maybe, the price is fairly expensive (800-1,500 baht/day for a small car), but you can access to almost all areas of the island easily and the convenience of a small air-conditioned car.

• Motorbike

koh-samui-scooter-rental (1)

Taking around Ko Samui can you do by motorbike rent between 120-700 baht per day. You have to be careful when renting it because there are reports of scams. You should read the rental agreement very carefully. Don’t believe if they have insurance, may not replace any broken/damaged parts yourself and ask your passport as collateral.

• Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

This transportation is more safety because there is no International license needed. By electric bike, you can take long-distance many places without you raising too much of a sweat. Usually, they have the option of using your passport as security or leaving a deposit.

• Bicycles

Bicycle-Rentals-in-Surat-Thani-Ko-Samui (1)

Try to take around Ko Samui by bicycles because it will make you more comfortable and not have more risk. Here, you can get a bicycle very cheaply more than 200 baht per day.

Have a Shopping in Ko Samui

You will feel uncomfortable when traveling without giving something that becomes an icon of the place visited. At Ko Samui, you will be spoiled with the convenience of shopping with a variety of items offered

• Central Festival Samui

Best-Koh-Samui-Shopping-Centers (1)

Having three stories, this complete is the largest lifestyle shopping complex in Samui. Located Centrally set in this prime east coast resort town of Samui Island, the market has around 90,000sqm of retail space. It’s completed by garden area complete with benches, a kid’s playground, and countless shops and restaurants.

• Fisherman’s Village Walking Street

shutterstock_1435790135 (1)

Looking for souvenir is suitable in this place because here you can find handbags, sunglasses, 100-baht T-shirts, simple jewelry, beer cozies, souvenirs, branded clothes of dubious manufacture and watches of questionable mechanical soundness, electrical goods of suspicious provenance. You can have to sop in the night from 7 pm until 11 pm in the adjoining streets crammed with market stalls and shoppers from across Ko Samui.

• Chaweng Shopping Fashion

Chaweng-Samui-Walking-Street (1)

Loving every fashion so much, you can look for in Chaweng Shopping fashion. As the wonder shopping world in Chaweng will find beachwear, sportswear, imported leisurewear, and cheap-and-cheerful holiday wear Chaweng. Inline the street, you can find T-shirts and hats, cheap footwear, novelty hats and find imported clothes sold in boutique-sized outlets.

• Iyara Shopping Plaza

shopping-plaza-01 (1)

Here you can find a good selection of women’s and men’s wear as well as kids’ clothes. Some of the leading products such as Nautica, Lacoste, Adidas, Nike, Geox, Elle, Pierre Cardin, Warner Bros, Puma, Ashworth, Nike Kids, and Looney Tunes are offered here. Not only offering those but also offering antiques, Thai crafts, and striking jewelry. Take a rest after walking in the shopping by getting some of delicious pastries and cakes, fruit juices and shakes, as well as coffee and tea.

• Udomagg & Findig

Udomagg & Findig

Get some of your needed things to have varying quality. Here, you can get footwear, handbags, hold-alls, textiles, and souvenirs. You can visit this shop located in Central Chaweng Beach Road opened at 10 am until 10 pm. You will be comfortable to shop here because it has the coolest air conditioning system.

How to Get In

Having holidayed in Ko Samui island needs 300 baht surcharge for domestic departments and about 500 baht for the surcharge on international departments. Flying via Bangkok for an international destination needs only 200 baht because the tax is already included in your ticket. Here you can choose the transportations and routes for getting this Island.

• By plane

By plane

Ko Samui only has an airport called Ko Samui Airport (USM). To get there, you can start from Bangkok with Bangkok Airways which departs almost every hour to/from Bangkok but has expensive Thai standard tickets. Besides, starting your trip in Bangkok can be served by two flights a day by Thai Airways and Berjaya Air. You can choose to fly with daily flights to/from Phuket but you can only get planes in the opposite direction.
Liking complicated, you can get there from Surat Thani Airport and Chumphon Airport with good ferry connections. It has much cheaper served by AirAsia and Nok Air. Using this transportation starts Bangkok to Surat Thani or Nakhon Si Thammarat after that you will be transferred by ferry to Ko Samui.

• By Boat


Two ways are going to Ko Samui by boat, from Chumphon via Ko Tao and from Surat Thani. Arriving in Chumphon, you will be welcomed by ferry calls at Ko Nang Yuan, Ko Tao, and Ko Pha Ngan on its way to Ko Samui. Having much time you can get Ko Samui to start from Bangkok to Chumphon Airport via Nok Air and transfer to the high-speed ferries then stopping at Ko Tao along the route. By using this route you will see both the countryside and islands. By using ferry takes extra time to arrive at Ko Samui with 200-300 baht needed. Starting from train station and Surat Thani Airport (URT) to Donsak pier needs a 60-minute bus ride.

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Important things and Tips Travelling to Ko Samui

Travel Tips

Getting to know the habits of residents is very necessary when first going to a new place, including when traveling. There are lots of cultural, religious and other cultural differences that you can find there. In Khai Samui, there are some habits that you must pay attention to so that your traveling impresses without problems. The following tips when going to the second largest island in Thailand

  1. You should only bottle water for drinking and cooking foods because of being allowed to drink tap water. Get it in any grocery store and supermarket. Avoid excessively drink cocktails made of ice or added ice because of making worsen a process of acclimation.
  2. Don’t eat too many local foods which may you seem rather weird. Stop eating when feeling the Fist symptoms of indigestion or abdominal discomfort.
  3. Use the language pronounced distinctly and clearly and slowly because sometimes, residents face difficulties with understanding of spoken voice.
  4. Wearing cover your heads and use sun protection creams and sprays because the sun on the resort is rather hot. Also, you should be portioned and limited in sunbathing. When doing exploration and hiking you should choose a high necked outfit in light shades made of light materials.
  5. As a tourist island, favorite lodging areas are near the main beaches namely Chaweng (on the east side), Lamai (southeast) and Bophut Beach (north). Chaweng Beach is the most favorite and that is why hostels, luxury hotels, and resorts are scattered here, including cafes, restaurants, money changers, spas. Many inns have direct access to the beach.
  6. Getting something to eat is very easy because of both restaurants and fancy cafes to stalls and roadside snacks. But watch out for Muslims because many are not lawful. Besides the night market in Chaweng, there is also a cheap food central in Nathon Town that you can choose.
  7. Visiting the local religious landmarks, you should carefully choose your outfits. Don’t wear bright clothes because of not being allowed to keep the temple. Others, you are allowed to wear footwear when entering any temple.
  8. Being allowed to take pictures and shoot video of local folks without their permission. This unwritten law should be obeyed including the shooting of some landmarks
  9. Be polite and kind showing by smile in course of any communication. Avoid to speak in high key in public places and display emotions because of interpreted by local folks as ill-breeding.

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