Abu Dhabi Airport VS Dubai Airport: Which One is Better?

Abu Dhabi Airport and Dubai Airport are two large airports often used by planes and tourists visiting the United Arab Emirates. Even though the Abu Dhabi Airport to Dubai distance or Abu Dhabi Airport to Dubai Airport is only around 150 km, both have their uniqueness.

In the following article, we present some information that you can use as a guide. So you can choose the airport that suits your needs and preferences.

What to Consider Before Flying to Abu Dhabi Airport or Dubai Airport?

What to Consider Before Flying to Abu Dhabi Airport or Dubai Airport
What to Consider Before Flying to Abu Dhabi Airport or Dubai Airport / Pixabay

Because the distance is very close, you wonder about several things. For example, in Abu Dhabi Airport bigger than Dubai Airport? or how to get from Abu Dhabi Airport to Dubai?

Besides that, there is an impression of the rivalry between the two, so many people use the phrase Abu Dhabi Airport vs. Dubai Airport.

To determine the choice of airport, you can consider several things. The first is about the main tourist destinations that you will visit.

If you want to focus on vacation in Abu Dhabi, you should only choose flights to Abu Dhabi airport. This is because the distance from Abu Dhabi Airport to Dubai Airport or Dubai City takes quite a bit of time for you while on the road.

Meanwhile, landing at Dubai Airport is better if your tourist destination is in Dubai or its surroundings.

Also, make sure which airline you will use. If using Emirates, the right airport is Dubai Airport. Vice versa, for Abu Dhabi Airport, the appropriate airline is Etihad.

This is because each Emirates manages the two airlines.

Flight Type

Flight Type
Flight Type / Pixabay

Because it is an international airport, Abu Dhabi and Dubai Airports both serve international flights. Both also serve domestic flights. Many airlines can operate at these two airports. However, something is interesting.

Even though they are in the same country, Abu Dhabi and Dubai have separate government systems. This allows these two regions to create particular airports and airlines.

Emirates is an airline from Dubai, so it will automatically operate more at Dubai Airport. Meanwhile, Etihad, the pride of Abu Dhabi, operates in the Abu Dhabi Airport area.

Airport Location and Distance

Airport Location and Distance
Airport Location and Distance / Pixabay

Abu Dhabi Airport is located in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, namely Abu Dhabi. The distance of this airport from the city center is about 38 km from the southeast, and it always operates 24 hours or seven days a week.

Currently, there are at least more than 30 airlines landing at the airport, especially Etihad.

Meanwhile, Dubai Airport is about 4.6 km east of Dubai, precisely in the Al Garhoud district.

To determine the best airport, you must specify the destination first. As previously stated, the main goal can be considered when choosing the airport.

If you want to explore Dubai, whether for business or entertainment, then Dubai Airport can be an option. Moreover, Dubai City also has a wider area than Abu Dhabi. In addition, one of the world’s iconic buildings, Burj Khalifa, is also in Dubai.

Meanwhile, if you want to be closer to the capital of the United Arab Emirates, then Abu Dhabi Airport is the best choice. This can be a plus point because of its close position to the center of government.

Besides that, if you are from the United States, then Abu Dhabi airport is also the best choice. This is because there are Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities that can make it easier to carry out checks and inspections before departure.

This CBP facility is located at Terminal 3 of Abu Dhabi Airport, which can save you more time. Regardless of your class, travel time with Etihad will be much faster, and there are other added conveniences.

You will not get these facilities if you use Dubai Airport. This is because Abu Dhabi Airport is one of the few airports in the world that offers this CBP.

Airport Transports

Airport Transports
Airport Transports / Pixabay

Transportation access from Abu Dhabi Airport to the city and vice versa is relatively easy. You can choose the bus if you want to save costs because the fare for one trip is 4 AED.

If you want to be more private and comfortable, there are regular and luxury taxi facilities. Taxis can take you to the doorstep of your hotel or destination after landing at Abu Dhabi Airport. If you have an International Driving License, renting a car is also a good option.

Transportation access from Dubai Airport is also as easy as Abu Dhabi Airport. Some transportation options you can use are taxis, the metro, and buses.

This comparison of Abu Dhabi Airport and Dubai Airport can help you find the right flight and airport. To make it easier to order airplane tickets, remember to use Airpaz! Download the application right now!


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