How to Take Advantage of COVID Pandemic After Effects

COVID pandemic has affected many sectors globally. It is not just the health sector, but also social, economic, and environment. Some countries even have made immediate policies to control the pandemic that bring differences in society during the country’s history. They bring advantages to society, even at first it’s hard to do and to be understood by the people.

Advantages of COVID Pandemic After Effects


1. Huge Investment for Health Sector

Due to the danger of COVID pandemic, many countries and companies have a huge investment in the health sector. They realize their fragility to the virus. They invest a huge amount of money for health equipment, health centres, and health human resources. Even the countries that usually neglect the health sector, they eventually allocate their funds more to the sector. They use the investment to treat the patients, to sterilize the public places, to provide the health equipment, to facilitate the health centre, to pay the medical staff, or to bury the COVID’s dead body with the procedure.

This is one advantage of the pandemic. Usually, we are neglecting many good advices for our health and health product is not selling very well. With the appearance of this phenomenon, we are more self-conscious about our health and wellbeing. Thus, we start to have a healthy lifestyle.

2. Better Environment, Better Air

Because of the long lockdown in some countries, many factories and offices stop operating. It reduces air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution. Usually, the use of air conditioners sends massive CFC substances to the ozone which causes global warming. The factory production that resides waste usually also ‘throw’ the waste to the river, ocean, or land. During the lockdown, these harmful activities for the environment are paused. People breathe fresher air, have good weather because of the minimum global warming, and the ecosystem in the ocean is safe for a while due to the absence of the waste

3. Effective Use of Time

Because of the fast exposure of COVID-19 pandemic, people must stay in some physical distance, including in having health treatment. Therefore, majority of time was spent inside their own home, without a chance of going outside.

Because people are forced to stay at their home, they have a surplus of free time. Therefore, they can start doing things they didn’t have time to do previouly, like working on their hobbies and starting a creative sidejobs. Don’t underestimate these sidejobs, because they sometimes managed to become permanent, and can eve become a big business.

4. The Improved of Digital Connectivity

The social distancing us to work and study from home. This is the time when teleconferencing and video-conferencing systems are normally used. People have used telemedicine and digital learning to expand the reach of global health and education. COVID-19 opens people’s mind that the benefits of remote learning and support work in reality. Long after the pandemic ends, remote learning and medical support can be used to serve education and health systems in rural areas.


An English proverb says that “every cloud has a silver lining.” It has the meaning that no matter how bad the situation is there must always be some good effects on it. COVID-19 pandemic forces us to think and behave differently and finally, we take advantage of it.