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Hello Malaysia!

Let’s explore the best of North Asia! Grab the best promotional fare from AirAsia North Asia promotion on Airpaz. Take a direct flight from Malaysia to Korea, Japan, Taiwan with up to 50 percent off. What are you waiting for? This is the right time to book flights for your next holiday!

Booking Period: Now till 23 April 2017

Travel Period: Now till 30 September 2017

What’s the promo all about?

Our promotion allows you to enjoy up to 50% savings on base fares for North Asia destinations
(China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan). It’s that simple!

How to get this promo fares?

Simply follow these simple steps to enjoy the discount:

  1. Visit
  2. Pick your preferred flight departure & arrival.
  3. Select the dates stated in the promo travel period.
  4. Choose your preferred AirAsia flight.
  5. Enjoy up to 50% off your base fare! You’re done!

Promo Tips:

1. Click “Today’s Promo” to see all availble promo today

2. Click “Best Fare Calender” to see all fare each month every day

3. Use “Price Alert” to find all price and fare you wanted

Happy Traveling !

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