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AirAsia Promotion ! This is it, the season when you need to fly further !

Hello Malaysia !

Always going to the same place for your holiday ? What a boring holiday ! You know, it’s a year end holiday season and this is the season when you need to fly further.

Afraid of expensive ticket? Don’t worry, with AirAsia Malaysia Promotion on, you can enjoy the cheap flight for International flight. Grab cheap flights from malaysia to many fantastic country such as Australia, China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, and many other great travel destination starting from RM 229. You won’t believe your eyes !

Booking Period : Now till 18 December 2016

Travel Period : Now till 25 May 2017

Check out Airasia Malaysia Promotion for cheap flights from Malaysia on, below :

DestinationFare (RM)Book
 Auckland 699 Book
 Chongqing 299 Book
 Sapporo 449 Book
 Chengdu 329 Book
 New Delhi 460 Book
 Hangzhou 329 Book
 Tokyo – Haneda 449 Book
 Seoul 499 Book
 Tehran 499 Book
 Osaka – Kansai 349 Book
 Melbourne 549 Book
 Mauritius 549 Book
 Gold Coast 499 Book
 Beijing 329 Book
 Perth 229 Book
 Busan 449 Book
 Shanghai 349 Book
 Sydney 549 Book
 Taipei 329 Book
 Xi’an 349 Book

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Happy Traveling !

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