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Flight Base Fares Starting From RM9!

Hello Malaysia!

AirAsia, a low cost airline that serving tons of routes in Asia, has just been awarded The Best Low Cost Airline of the year by Skytrax Awards. With this, it has been 9 years in a row AirAsia to be The Best Low Cost Airline in The World.

As Thank for loyal customer, AirAsia offer a special fares for your next holiday. Take a direct flight from Kuala Lumpur across tons of AirAsia‘s best travel destination starting from RM9 Base Fare. What are you waiting for? Book your flight now on!

Booking Period: Now till 9 July 2017

Travel Period: 15 January – 28 August 2018

Check out our favorite route from Kuala Lumpur on AirAsia Promotion below:

Domestic destinationAll-in-fare from Book
Alor SetarRM 24.00Book
Kota KinabaluRM 99.00Book
BintuluRM 77.00Book
Johor BahruRM 24.00Book
Kota BharuRM 24.00Book
KuchingRM 88.00Book
LabuanRM 99.00Book
LangkawiRM 24.00Book
MiriRM 88.00Book
PenangRM 24.00Book
SibuRM 88.00Book
SandakanRM 141.00Book
Kuala TerengganuRM 24.00Book
TawauRM 141.00Book
International destinationAll-in-fare from Book
AucklandRM 549.00Book
BhubaneswarRM 185.00Book
BandungRM 109.00Book
BengaluruRM 255.00Book
MumbaiRM 279.00Book
Banda AcehRM 99.00Book
BruneiRM 99.00Book
GuangzhouRM 225.00Book
KolkataRM 235.00Book
CebuRM 229.00Book
JakartaRM 89.00Book
ChongqingRM 269.00Book
ColomboRM 205.00Book
Chiang MaiRM 135.00Book
KochiRM 185.00Book
ChangshaRM 275.00Book
Sapporo – Shin-ChitoseRM 399.00Book
ChengduRM 269.00Book
DhakaRM 355.00Book
Da NangRM 129.00Book
New DelhiRM 369.00Book
Bangkok – Don MueangRM 105.00Book
BaliRM 139.00Book
HanoiRM 129.00Book
Hat YaiRM 55.00Book
HangzhouRM 269.00Book
Hong KongRM 155.00Book
PhuketRM 85.00Book
Tokyo – HanedaRM 349.00Book
HonoluluRM 899.00Book
HyderabadRM 205.00Book
SeoulRM 369.00Book
TehranRM 599.00Book
YogyakartaRM 149.00Book
KrabiRM 55.00Book
KaohsiungRM 215.00Book
Osaka – KansaiRM 329.00Book
KaliboRM 199.00Book
KunmingRM 205.00Book
Medan – KualanamuRM 69.00Book
SihanoukvilleRM 49.00Book
GuilinRM 245.00Book
LombokRM 139.00Book
Luang PrabangRM 79.00Book
ChennaiRM 205.00Book
MelbourneRM 369.00Book
MacaoRM 155.00Book
MaleRM 355.00Book
ManilaRM 159.00Book
NanningRM 195.00Book
Gold CoastRM 369.00Book
PadangRM 89.00Book
BeijingRM 279.00Book
PerthRM 249.00Book
PekanbaruRM 69.00Book
PalembangRM 99.00Book
Phnom PenhRM 79.00Book
PontianakRM 109.00Book
BusanRM 369.00Book
ShanghaiRM 279.00Book
Siem ReapRM 69.00Book
YangonRM 102.00Book
Ho Chi Minh CityRM 79.00Book
SingaporeRM 49.00Book
SoloRM 139.00Book
SemarangRM 149.00Book
SurabayaRM 169.00Book
ShantouRM 195.00Book
SydneyRM 369.00Book
ShenzhenRM 235.00Book
Taipei – TaoyuanRM 269.00Book
TiruchirappalliRM 185.00Book
MakassarRM 219.00Book
Surat ThaniRM 55.00Book
Pattaya – U-TapaoRM 95.00Book
VientianeRM 139.00Book
VisakhapatnamRM 195.00Book
WuhanRM 269.00Book
Xi’anRM 269.00Book

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Travel Notes :

  • Advanced Booking Required
  • Fares are not available during embargo period

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