AirAsia Malaysia Promotion! School Holiday Getaways!

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School Holiday! It’s Time To Feed The Soul!

Hello Malaysia!

School Holidays is on its way! Give the best holiday for your loved ones with AirAsia Malaysia ‘School Holiday Getaways’ Promotion on Take a direct flight to Asia’s best travel destination such as Johor Bahru, Penang, Perth, Chongqing, Beijing and many more fantastic traveling spot starting at RM39. What are you waiting for? Go out for an amazing experience with your family and book your flight here!

Booking Period: Now till 26 March 2017

Travel Period: Now till 31 August 2017

Check out our favorite routes for AirAsia Malaysia Promotion, below:

Domestic destination All-in-fare from Book
Alor Setar RM 39.00 Book
Kota Kinabalu RM 99.00 Book
Bintulu RM 69.00 Book
Johor Bahru RM 39.00 Book
Kota Bharu RM 39.00 Book
Kuching RM 59.00 Book
Labuan RM 99.00 Book
Langkawi RM 45.00 Book
Miri RM 59.00 Book
Penang RM 39.00 Book
Sibu RM 69.00 Book
Sandakan RM 119.00 Book
Kuala Terengganu RM 39.00 Book
Tawau RM 119.00 Book
International destination All-in-fare from  Book
Bhubaneswar RM 179.00 Book
Bandung RM 109.00 Book
Bengaluru RM 279.00 Book
Banda Aceh RM 119.00 Book
Brunei RM 99.00 Book
Guangzhou RM 199.00 Book
Kolkata RM 229.00 Book
Cebu RM 259.00 Book
Jakarta RM 69.00 Book
Colombo RM 199.00 Book
Chiang Mai RM 99.00 Book
Kochi RM 169.00 Book
Changsha RM 289.00 Book
Dhaka RM 369.00 Book
Da Nang RM 119.00 Book
Bangkok – Don Mueang RM 69.00 Book
Bali RM 149.00 Book
Hanoi RM 139.00 Book
Hat Yai RM 79.00 Book
Hong Kong RM 179.00 Book
Phuket RM 99.00 Book
Hyderabad RM 199.00 Book
Yogyakarta RM 99.00 Book
Krabi RM 99.00 Book
Kaohsiung RM 269.00 Book
Kalibo RM 239.00 Book
Kunming RM 269.00 Book
Medan – Kualanamu RM 69.00 Book
Guilin RM 269.00 Book
Lombok RM 99.00 Book
Luang Prabang RM 89.00 Book
Chennai RM 249.00 Book
Macao RM 199.00 Book
Male RM 199.00 Book
Manila RM 229.00 Book
Nanning RM 169.00 Book
Padang RM 119.00 Book
Pekanbaru RM 49.00 Book
Palembang RM 119.00 Book
Phnom Penh RM 85.00 Book
Pontianak RM 129.00 Book
Siem Reap RM 89.00 Book
Yangon RM 99.00 Book
Ho Chi Minh City RM 85.00 Book
Singapore RM 59.00 Book
Solo RM 119.00 Book
Semarang RM 209.00 Book
Surabaya RM 189.00 Book
Shantou RM 249.00 Book
Shenzhen RM 179.00 Book
Tiruchirappalli RM 139.00 Book
Makassar RM 229.00 Book
Surat Thani RM 109.00 Book
Pattaya – U-Tapao RM 109.00 Book
Vientiane RM 149.00 Book
Visakhapatnam RM 139.00 Book
Wuhan RM 502.00 Book
Auckland RM 669.00 Book
Chongqing RM 299.00 Book
Sapporo – Shin-Chitose RM 499.00 Book
Chengdu RM 329.00 Book
New Delhi RM 399.00 Book
Hangzhou RM 309.00 Book
Tokyo – Haneda RM 429.00 Book
Honolulu RM 999.00 Book
Seoul RM 429.00 Book
Tehran RM 499.00 Book
Osaka – Kansai RM 279.00 Book
Melbourne RM 499.00 Book
Gold Coast RM 499.00 Book
Beijing RM 299.00 Book
Perth RM 249.00 Book
Busan RM 419.00 Book
Shanghai RM 299.00 Book
Sydney RM 429.00 Book
Taipei – Taoyuan RM 299.00 Book
Xi’an RM 299.00 Book
Mauritius RM 399.00 Book
Wuhan RM 199.00 Book

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Travel Notes :

  • Advanced Booking Required
  • Fares are not available during embargo period

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Happy Traveling !

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