AirAsia Moves to Terminal 2 at Soekarno Hatta International Airport

Come early and do not get lost. AirAsia operations in Jakarta is about to move back from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2 at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. The moving date will be effective from Dec 12th 2018 at the 3:00 am local time.

Are You Ready for Year-End Holidays?

It is almost the end of 2018. Have you achieved all of your goals this year? Or are you still wondering whether you can still get cheap ticket prices to take your family enjoying the vacation? Well, let us see the following expert tips which may save your bank account at the end of this year.

• Book ticket as early as possible

There is no doubt that early booking can save you a lot. It is when not many people wanting the same tickets. You can also consider the airlines. The East Asian ones usually offer more affordable flight fares, especially during the western holidays like Christmas and Easter.

• Take charter airlines on the last-minute

Last minute deals are always inviting. You can find them offered by charter airlines. When non-charter airfare companies charge high on the last minute especially for business and emergency, the charter ones can offer otherwise. It is important to always check the booking online sites to not miss the chance of saving for the flights.

• Hunt for flash sales

Airlines can do whatever to make sure their tickets are sold out. When it does not reach the target at the set time, they may offer the rest of the tickets on flash sales. It is a great time to anticipate. Do your homework by keeping on eyes on the current flight information. Who knows you can find cheap tickets to fly at the end of the year.

• Book directly from the official website

Wondering around an online travel agent website can help you find numerous choices of ticket deals. However, not all of them are as inexpensive as it looks. In fact, you may still get more discounts or special promotions when checking out the airline’s official websites.

• Do not miss the one-way flight when travelling west

If you are intended to spend the holiday in a western country, be it in Europe or America, you can opt to the one-way flights. The price can be so much more affordable. It is also the most reliable choice when you feel unsure when to get back and which airline to fly with.

Enjoy the cheap flights with AirAsia

Everyone deserves for the incredible travelling experience. It is not only about the destination and what things you can do there. The experience involves many aspects starting from the flight. To save your budget, AirAsia has provided a bucket list of affordable flight deals. They even have discounted airfare tickets to the best destinations you have ever dreamed to visit. so, why do not you take a look at their official website to see if you can save for your year-end holiday flights?

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AirAsia Jakarta Move from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2

Are you intended to start the trip from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport? If you have chosen AirAsia airlines, be sure you did not miss the news update. This company is about to move their operations both for domestic and international flights to Terminal 2.

Officially released on last Monday, this move will take place from December 12th 2018 at the 3.00am local time. There is no flight schedule affected. But all passengers are advised to check in on the airline website or mobile application and print their boarding pass before going to the airport.

The arrival should be at least three hours prior to the departure time as well. Find the check-in counters and baggage check-ins on the counters 73 to 80 of Gate 4 on the second floor of Terminal 2F departure area. If you do not bring a suitcase and want to reprint the boarding pass, you can make use of the self-check-in facility.

Have you kept the notes? The moving of AirAsia operational services will start from December 12th 2018 from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2. So make sure you do not get lost.

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