AirAsia Relocation to Singapore Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 on November 7, 2017

The operation terminal of AirAsia is set to undergo a significant change with the AirAsia relocation from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4. The airline has announced that this relocation will be effectively executed on November 7, 2017.

AirAsia Relocation at Changi Airport

Since the AirAsia relocation, the arrivals and departures of the airline’s flights will operate from the new terminal. However, the operation schedules of the flights, as well as the airport taxes, will not change.

A Purpose to Become a Digital Airline

Changi airport AirAsia relocation

Based on the information revealed by the CEO of AirAsia named Logan Velaitham, the AirAsia relocation is to get the new terminal with full automatization and well-designed place.

In the new terminal 4, all schedules of flight arrivals and departures in Singapore Changi Airport will be digitally managed. It supports the vision of AirAsia to become a digital-based airline.

The CEO added that AirAsia Singapore focused on the Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) embracement.

The airline also worked together with Changi Airport Group (CAG) in the check-in process and other experiences in the airport automation and innovation.

So every passenger that uses AirAsia from Changi Airport can get great services in full automation by using FAST in every process. It also integrates perfectly with the web and mobile innovations.

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The Prepared Staffs Supports

Logan Velaitham also revealed that the ground staffs of AirAsia also have been trained to get the skills for becoming the brand ambassador.

So they can help the passengers with great service while checking in at the last minute and add the value such as purchasing travel insurance, upgrading to the hot seats, etc.

The new terminal of AirAsia at Terminal 4 will have 19 kiosks for passenger check-in, 14 machines for dropping bag automatically, two counters for checking documents, and two counters for payment at Row 4.

Meanwhile, if the passengers are in the group, the check-in services are in row 5. If there are passengers with special requirements, the special kiosk is also provided at Row 4 named kiosk assistant.

Arriving and departing at AirAsia terminal today must be more enjoyable for the digital technology featured in the entire terminal. Experience the new flight terminal with new innovation and automation when you are traveling to Singapore by choosing AirAsia.

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