Airpaz New Feature! Change currency on Payment Page is easier now


Airpaz is used more than a million customers. Therefore, Airpaz always tries to provide the best services when you book the ticket at Airpaz new feature. We provide the best feature to increase the convenience of the customers when they book the ticket at Airpaz.

Airpaz is present to complete what customers need with various flights and more than 6000 routes are available at Airpaz. In addition, Airpaz also provides many types of payment methods with multiple currencies.

So how the Airpaz new feature works?

The customer used to be changed the currency by selecting on the top right side of the screen on the home page and search page the first as shown below.

Airpaz new feature

Now, customers can change the currency in Airpaz’s payment page without back to the first page. This is the benefit of Airpaz’s new feature to give the best experience while using Airpaz.

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The customers simply choose payment using Credit Card, then will appear button to choose the currency which can the customer choose according to desire like in the picture below:

Airpaz new feature

It’s easy, right?  If you forget to change the currency when it has booked, no need to bother again back to the first page to change the currency. Make sure the currency that you choose is correct because if there is cancellation or refund, the voucher will be delivered in accordance with the currency paid.

Now traveling is easier by using Airpaz new feature service. Let’s find immediately the best destination recommendations here. You can use Airpaz’s to find the cheapest flight and help tailor your travel budget to get a more efficient. Happy traveling


* This feature is not available for payment using voucher and installment payments


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