Know More About Airpaz’s Price Alert Tool


Airpaz’s Price Alert Tool is a special feature that helps customers to find flight tickets suit to their budget. It will monitor the flight ticket prices based on the price filled by a customer on the price alert page of the website.

How to Use the Price Alert?

It is very easy to use the Airpaz’s Price Alert Tool. You can learn about how to use it from the instructions below.

1. Visit the official website of Airpaz. Then when you see the home page of the website, find the Price Alert Tool and then click. Next, you will see the price alert tool’s page.


2. On the page of the price alert tool, fill the data with your dreamed destination and flight ticket price. Then click ‘save’ to enter the data into the Airpaz’s database.


3. Airpaz will send the notification via email. When the flight ticket price is suitable with the saved data, Airpaz will send the notification to your email address. However, you should be a member of Airpaz first. So they will have your email address to send the alert.


How the Airpaz’s Price Alert Tool Help the Customer?

By using the price alert tool of Airpaz, the searching process of the ticket at the certain price will be easier and faster than checking on all online travel websites. Simply follow the instructions above and then you will get the notification of flight ticket based on the data entered into the price alert database.

The Benefits of Using the Airpaz’s Price Alert

There are two benefits of using the Airpaz’s Price Alert tool. First, you can get the flight ticket price suit to your traveling budget. Second, you don’t have to check out the flight ticket prices every time on every travel agent’s website. Just because Airpaz will send the flight ticket price notification that is suitable for the budget you entered on the price alert tool page of Airpaz website.

Therefore, visit the booking website of Airpaz anytime you need to search flight ticket to any destination. It always provides most up to date information about flight ticket prices for more than 60,000 routes every day.

It enables you to find and choose the best airlines and the best rates. When you haven’t found the right flight ticket price, then you can set the Airpaz’s price alert tool by following the instructions above. It will automatically notify you when the ticket suits your budget is available


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