What is the Best Time to Arrive at Airport for the International Flight?

For all international flight, they should arrive in advance at the airport. They should have much time to check the baggage and the do the flight check-in.

Besides, they also need time to pass through the screening checkpoint of the Transportation Security Administration so they can get the access to the secure boarding area at the airport. So, you should prepare sufficient time framing for all of the needs.

Recommendations at the Airport

Terminal for International Flight

You may have different arrival time recommended for every airport because of the different wait times in every airport’s counter of check-in, TSA checkpoint, and the baggage check.

International airports commonly recommend two to three hours of time for the passengers to arrive at the airport before the flight schedule. You may need to check the website of the airport to see how much recommended time for you to arrive at the airport.

The Requirements of the Airline

Every airline has the certain time limit for international passengers doing check-in or checks their baggage for a international flight. After the limit, the passengers are no longer allowed doing the baggage check or check-in.

The Different airline may have the different time limit between 30 minutes to one hour or earlier before the flight schedules. It also depends on the suggested arriving time of the international airports.

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At the Peak Seasons

At the peak seasons, travelers should plan to arrive at the airport earlier than the suggested time so they can have enough time to check the baggage and pass the security checkpoint.

Different airports and airlines suggest the different arriving time for the passengers. So, make sure you check the website first before the flight schedule. It is because of the different peak periods of each airport and airline.

More Considerations

When you plan your arrival time to an airport, make sure that you include the travel time both to and from the international airport. If you travel in the high traffic seasons, you should be ready to face travel delays to the airports.

If you arrive at the airport late, you may get difficulty to travel quickly through the airport. Moreover, the check-in desks of the airline are remote from the boarding terminals and TSA checkpoints. You may need additional time for the screening process completion if you need assistance at the TSA checkpoint or you are not familiar with it.

Therefore, planning and preparing sufficient time is crucial before you arrive at the international airport. Check the website of the airline and the airport to find know their recommendation and give extra time if you are traveling at the peak seasons.


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