Amazing Golden Bridge in Danang City, Vietnam

Vietnam is the home of many natural spots and beautiful virgin views. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find anything modern in this place. In fact, if you want to enjoy a ‘cloud walking’ or enjoy the breathtaking view from a unique bridge, then you should come to the Golden Bridge in Danang City, this spot is super Marvelous and awesome.

Danang City and Golden Bridge

Danang City and Golden Bridge 1

Danang city is a small spot in Vietnam, offering a peaceful and quiet surrounding. But if you want to try walking on the cloud in between the amazing scenery – like the one in Lord of the Rings – then Golden Bridge or Cau Vang would be the best option. The combination of fresh air, amazing view, and a different atmosphere would turn your vacation into something unique.

Go to Bà Nà Hills Resort and you will come to Thien Thai gardens. They are pretty old, built in 1919 by the French colonists. You will find Golden Bridge where – the bridge has been around since June 2018. The bridge is located 150 meters above sea level with a total length of 500 feet. There are 8 sections and also Lobelia Chrysanthemum along the bridge. Because of the height, you will feel as if you were in the cloud. Thus, the phrase ‘walking among the clouds’ seems to be perfect for your condition.

Danang City Golden Bridge Highlights

What’s so special about this bridge, anyway? As it was mentioned before, the bridge is long – well, not super long but it should be enough to give you the view of natural scenery underneath. The bridge itself is connected to Bordeaux and Marseille station – which makes everything simple and somewhat effective.  So you will have a satisfying time enjoying the view, taking pictures or selfies, and simply marveling the construction.

Moreover, the bridge seems to be supported by the two giant hands. The concept is to create a look as if there were hands of God holding and supporting the bridge like a thin silk thread. The hands may seem old and worn but it is just a visual effect. After all, the place just opened this June 2018 so it is relatively new. Moreover, most people might think that the hands were carved from the stone, but again, it was just an effect. The designers made the hands from steel mesh covered in fine fiberglass. The worn decoration is included as a part of the decor.

Moreover, the area is located in an ideal place where you can see the view of the beach, mountains, and the city. They are also close to each other. You can find great waves and seafood at China Beach. If you like exploring the caves and temples, you will like the Marble Mountains. The city has its own appeal, including culinary exploration.

Danang City Golden Bridge Details

The ticket price for the bridge covers everything in Bà Nà Hills Resort. You will have to spend 700,000 VND per adult (around $30-$31) and 550,000 VND per kid (around $23-$24). The price covers not only the bridge, but also Le Jardin gardens, the wine cellar, the two-way cable, and also the games in Fantasy Park (most of them; not all of them, mind you). Danang residents will get discounts as long as they can provide an ID or birth certificate.

Reaching the Danang City Golden Bridge

From Danang city, you have to go to Bà Nà Hills which is around 35 kilometres away. Take the cable car and you get to the bridge. You can make several stops to visit some areas. For instance, if you stop at Nui Chua Mountain, you can visit the orchid garden, Le Nim villas, and Nghinh Phong top. If you stop at Night station, you can visit Linh Ung pagoda, Vong Nguyet hills, and Old French villas.

Sounds like an interesting exploration, huh? If you want to plan your next vacation to Vietnam, you should start from now. Visit Airpaz to manage and arrange your flight service. It is worth every penny and effort!


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