Explore Penang With This Amazing Itinerary for Backpackers Before 2017 Ends!


Hey backpackers! Feeling adventurous to take one more trip this year? Penang is beautiful this time of the year so hurry pack your bags now and create a lasting memory to prepare yourself for the New Year!

We have prepared this amazing itinerary just for you. Cross off your bucket list with these seven interesting things to do in Penang below:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did so. So throw off the bowliness. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore.Dream.Discover”

-Mark Twain-

1. See the Awesome Penang Street Art


Penang Street Art has become recently popular to many tourists. The reason? Many says the fun lies in exploring these three main types of art: Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic, Marking Georgetown, and 101 Lost Kittens.

2. You’ll Be Mesmerized With These Famous Penang Cuisines


If you’re traveling in Penang, you definitely have to taste some of the city’s best dishes. You’re guaranteed to want to have a bite only by seeing these appetizing pictures. Try some of our recommendations: PayaTerubongNasiLemak, CY Choy Road Hokkien Mie, Air Itam Sister Curry Mee, Kheng Pin Kopitiam, and Penang Road Chendol.

3. Casually Explore Penang’s Clan Houses


Those wishing to explore Penang’s history can visit this magnificent architecture complex. Each of the Clan houses has withstand the test of time for more than 100 years! It’s a perfect site to see the atmospheric beauty of Penang from a historical context and learn about Penang Clans, namely CheahKongsi, KhooKongsi, Tan Kongsi and Yap Kongsi.

4. Immense in Diversity by Visiting Mosques, Temples, and Churches


Malaysia is a country rich with cultural and religious diversity, and it is even more evident in Penang. You will find a lot of temples, mosques, and churches with various Malay, Indian, Chinese, and Colonial architecture styles.

Do check out Tanjung Bungah Floating Mosque, Kek Lo Si Temple, ArulmiguBalathandayuthapani Temple, and Church of the Assumption. Visiting them will be a meaningful experience in engaging with the local culture.

5. Feel Closer to Nature at Penang Hill & Habitat


The majestic view at Penang Hill and The Habitat will be perfect to close your 2017 as it will be unforgettable. Take the train up or if you’re feeling adventurous, try climbing to the top! The blazing hot sun may make you sweat but it will all be worth it once you feel the refreshing breeze at the top. You will also get to experience the 360-degree view of Penang at the Habitat.

6. Experience the Calming Freedom at TitiKerawang Waterfall


Are you a busy person wanting to get away from your daily stress? If you are looking for a refreshing dip, TitiKerawang Waterfall will be the best place. The splash of the waterfall will give you a rejuvenating feel and you can swim closer to nature. It’s a perfect place to relieve your stress and be free.

7. Get Down at the Frog Hill


Last but not least, we recommend you to visit the Frog Hill. The land is private and has a serene atmosphere. The view is best enjoyed in the morning while the weather is still cool and nice. Sometimes daring travelers can be seen jumping off the cliff into the refreshing pond too. The best part? There is no entry fee!

What are you waiting for? Hurry grab your bag and explore these amazing places in Penang before this year ends. You can use Airpaz’s to find the cheapest flight and help tailor your travel budget. Happy traveling!


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