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Dear Airpaz,

Change to Carry-On baggage limits

Jetstar has updated its carry-on baggage policy for all domestic and international flights booked from Tuesday 28 October for flights departing from 25 November.

Feedback suggests that limited room available in the overhead lockers has caused frustration with travellers.

To address this, we are reducing the amount of baggage that customers can bring on board, which will align us with the approach taken by many carriers across the Asia Pacific region.

This will assist in speeding up the boarding process, enable more flights to depart on time and ensure all customers receive their fair share of overhead locker space.

Jetstar Carry -on Baggage (2)

The revised policy allows:

1. Economy class passengers to bring one main item of carry-on baggage and one other small item, with a total combined weight of up to 7kg (previously 10kg)

2.  Business class passengers to bring two main items of carry-on baggage, as long as each main item does not exceed 7kg, with a total combined weight of up to 14kg (previously 20kg).


* Note :  Business is on international flights operated by an A330 or 787 aircraft only.


jetstar Carry On

Any customer with an existing booking made before 28 October 2014 will be permitted to bring up to 10kg (economy) or up to 20kg (business) on board.

Jetstar has updated its booking system to highlight the changes throughout the booking process.