Antalya Airport Terminals, Facilities, and Lounges

Find the essential details about the Antalya Airport terminal, including its lounges. Plan your movement to the AYT Airport terminal with this guidance. 

Antalya Airport Terminals

There are three passenger terminals in the airport: international flights at Terminals 1 and 2, and another Terminal for domestic flights.

There are duty-free shops, banks, cafes, restaurants, exchange offices, rent-a-car facilities, information counters, and left-luggage facilities in both the arrivals and departure terminals.

1. Antalya Airport Terminal 1

Antalya Airport Terminal 1
Antalya Airport Terminal 1

International Terminal 1 was completed by Bayindir Holding on April 1, 1998, after construction had started in 1996.

Between the two international terminals, Terminal 1 is in charge of low-cost carriers incoming and departing services, such as Sun Express flights.

During winter, while Foreign Terminal 2 is closed, all international flight traffic is controlled from Terminal 1.

The following levels make up the amenities of Antalya Airport Terminal 1:

Floor 1: This is where the passport control is. Remember that it is an arrivals facility.

Floor 2: Gate area and departures are here. There are stores, restrooms, play areas, smoking places, cafes, and restaurants.

Mezzanine floor: This area houses the CIP lounge, several cafés, and extra services.

Lounges: It is located at Mezzanine level, and is opened 24 hours with Wi-Fi, premium foods, flight monitors, newspapers, magazines, television, a kids’ section, printers, and copiers .

Please be aware that smoking is not permitted inside this building.

2. Antalya Airport Terminal 2

Antalya Airport Terminal 2
Antalya Airport Terminal 2

In 2005, International Terminal 2 opened. The majority of international flights pass through International Terminal 2.

In the winter, it is inactive, and flights go to International Terminal 1. International services are also housed in this brand-new building. The services that are provided in this terminal are as follows:

Some amenities offered include duty-free shops, restaurants, shops and shops, medical facilities, information desks, pharmacies, post offices, prayer rooms, smoking terraces and many more.

Lounges: Open 24 hours with top-notch services, such as Wi-Fi, premium food, a children’s area, printers, copiers, smoking area are all available.

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3. Domestic Terminal

Domestic Terminal
Domestic Terminal

The domestic terminal is the oldest. This used to be the location of every flight. It received a complete makeover in 2010 and is now formally known as Terminal 3, exclusively used for domestic flights.

Antalya Airport’s Lounges for Travelers

Antalya Airport’s Lounges for Travelers
Antalya Airport’s Lounges for Travelers

The Antalya Airport has three different lounges, each serving a wide variety of snacks and beverages. Economy travelers can pay around €45 to enter.

1. Terminal 1’s VIP Lounge

Located next to the duty-free section, Terminal 1 is openfor twenty-four hours a day but is closed from November to April during the winter.

2. Terminal 2’s VIP Lounge

After the security checkpoint, you can find Terminal 2 on the third floor. This lounge is always open despite the weather. 

3. Domestic VIP Lounge

On the second floor of Domestic Travel 3, near Gate 7 is where this lounge is located. It is open all the time.

The ICF Lounges at Antalya Airport is the ideal place to spend your last few hours in Turkey. You will have several hours to spare at any point throughout your trip. In airport terminals, which can be extremely congested, it might be challenging to find a free seat among the crowds.

Passengers can recline and unwind in the ICFAirport Lounge at Antalya Airport to feel refreshed before boarding their trip. Everyone in the family may enjoy the protected ICF Lounge, which is tucked away from the noise and activity of the main air terminal.

The airport lounges in Antalya provide space for business people and food and entertainment for kids.

Inter Terminal Transports

Inter terminal transport at the airport

A footbridge connects Terminal 1 and the Domestic Terminal. Meanwhile, you need to take bus route No.600, which stops at both terminals every 30 minutes to transfer to Terminal 2.

At Antalya Airport, there are two international terminals and one domestic terminal. It features three “ICF Lounges” in the airport terminals.

The lounge offers standard passenger amenities. If you are flying Business or First Class on a ticket, you only need your boarding pass to enter it. For economy travelers, there are extra payment to be made for entry. However, the comfort they provide makes it worthwhile.  

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