Vacation Spots Near the Location of Asian Games Palembang

Indonesia earns the honor to host the upcoming 2018 Asian Games, to be held in Palembang city of South Sumatra and also Jakarta. This international event must be a much-awaited moment as it is the most prestigious sporting event. It won’t only show the potential of Indonesian Athletes, but also the natural beauty that Indonesia possesses.

The Asian Games is scheduled from August 18th until September 2nd 2018. Some tournaments will be held in Jakarta, while others are in Palembang. In addition, both athletes and visitors can also have vacation time.

Vacation Spots Near Asian Games Palembang

Palembang itself has been known for its icons, i.e. Ampera Bridge and Pempek city. Indeed, the local government has started to make preparation to welcome a large number of athletes and tourists. Here are some tourist sites that can be visited in Palembang and situated close to the Asian Games location:

Ampera Bridge

Ampera Bridge Vacation Spots Near Asian Games Palembang

It is a well-known icon of Palembang City. The bridge is just above the Musi River which looks very beautiful with all lights and glitter flickering at night. There is also a lot of floating restaurants around the bridge offering the typical dishes of Palembang and other parts of South Sumatera that you must taste later.

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Kambang Iwak


Kambang Iwak is located very close to the city centre. It is a garden of a very beautiful lake within. Many tourists usually visit it on weekends or Sundays to enjoy the fresh air and spend time using the sports facilities.

Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat Palembang (Monpera)


Monpera has the symbol of Garuda in a very large shape in front of it. This monument is a memorial to the various struggles in the past faced by the people of Palembang when they had to fight against invaders for 5 days and 5 nights.

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Kemaro Island


The island is situated quite close to Musi River. There is a pagoda used by those who are Buddhists to run their worship. Besides that, there is also a tomb of native Palembang princess, love tree and a big pagoda. This place is open to the public but you as tourists have to keep the cleanliness and wholeness of all properties there.

Kuto Besak Castle


The castle is usually crowded during the night and many traders who peddle food there. In front of Kuto Besak Castle, there is a floating restaurant ready to pamper your tongue with a variety of typical Palembang food at a very affordable price. You will eat on the boat. It is unique, is not it? Immediately book tickets to Palembang via Airpaz right now.


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