Vacation Spots Near the Location of Asian Games (Jakarta)

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Soon, the most anticipated sports moment, the Asian Games 2018 will be held in Indonesia, precisely in Jakarta and Palembang. As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta has many things to prepare, including the following vacation spots near to the location of Asian Games.

This evening takes place from August 18th until September 2nd.

And of course, the merchants around the location of Asian Games must have waited for the event as well. Therefore, Indonesia does not only do the cleanup homework to prepare the best stadium and sports arena but also its tourism industry.

Everything is prepared to provide the best services for the guests coming from other countries. Surely, it will be a pride for Indonesia to host such a prestigious event.

Vacation Spots Near Asian Games Locations

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

Vacation spots-taman-mini-indonesia-indah

This vacation spots has prepared for the prestigious event by fixing its 20 museums and 33 pieces of regional platforms, to make them look beautiful. There are also special typical dishes of Indonesia prepared in every existing pavilion while school and university students in Jakarta will be the tour guides.

Besides that, TMII manager also works together with China to provide the multi-language tool that helps to translate the explanation from tour guides to the guests. It will be so much helpful for foreign visitors who do not speak or understand Indonesian.

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 Taman Impian Jaya Ancol


Visitors won’t only be able to visit this place during the Asian games event, but also use it for two-sport matches namely sailing and jet skiing. Ancol has also prepared a variety of exciting performances that you should not miss.

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Kepulauan Seribu


It is also one of the recreational spots that start getting busy with all sports fields of the upcoming Asian Games event. All of the islands of Kepulauan Seribu has been well prepared to start from the lodging and accommodation, tour guides and other needs. Visitors can choose the tour packages that suit their wish to make the exploring experience of Kepulauan Seribu get more fun.

All of the prepared things for the upcoming Asian Games event is not only about entertainment or sports matches. It is also about showing to the world how Indonesia is so beautiful and amazingly fascinating with all of the potential it has.

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