Attractions and Enjoyment Close to Narita International Airport

Narita International Airport isn’t exactly located in the middle of Tokyo. In fact, it takes around an hour to 1.5 hours to reach the city from the airport. Passengers who have to make the transit or layover have to get creative. Instead of going through the traffic and the distance to reach Tokyo, they start looking for other alternative attractions not far from Narita. It is a good thing that there are some great options to spend your free time.

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Sakura-no-Yama Narita City Park

Narita Attraction - Sakura-no-Yama Narita City Park

Since it is pretty close to the airport, you can actually see planes coming and going. The place is relaxed and beautiful. If you come during cherry blossom season, you can enjoy the blooming flowers almost everywhere in the park.

You need to get out from the east exit and go to bus stop no.3 or no.4. Take the one heading to Yokaichiba Station and stop at Hokkezuka stop. From there, you need to walk for around 25 minutes to reach the park. The bus costs ¥300 for adults and ¥150 for kids between 6 and 12 years of age.

Naritasan Shinshoji Omotesando and Temple

Narita Attraction - Naritasan Shinshoji Omotesando and Temple

If you are into history so much, you should check this place out! You will find an ancient temple whose age is around 1000 years. The temple is quite popular in this modern era because people like to come here during the new year. You can find Omotesando in front of the structure. Omotesando is a long road – in this case, it is 800 meters long. The park is located on the rear area of the temple.

This place doesn’t charge you so it is completely free. If you take the JR train, it only takes 8 minutes to reach the place. If you want to explore the area, you need 2 hours to 3 hours to really enjoy the view and the atmosphere.

Sakura-no-Oka Narita International Airport Park

Narita Attraction - Sanrizuka Sakura-no-oka

This is another park that is situated very close to the maintenance centre and runways. Besides cherry blossoms, the park also has azalea. From the airport, take the same exit as the one to Sakura-no-Yama Park. But choose the one heading to Youkaichiba Station and stop at Jutaku Iriguchi. From there, you only need to walk for around 10 minutes to the park. For the bus fare, it is ¥530 for adults and ¥270 for kids.

Narita Market

Narita Attraction - Narita Market

If you like exploring traditional markets, especially for foods and fresh fish, you should head to Narita Market. It is almost the same as the Tsukiji fish market, but it only opens from 6.30 AM to 12 AM. From the airport, you take Keisei line. It takes 15 minutes by the train. Afterwards, you can continue on foot for 10 minutes.

Aeronautical Sciences Museum

Narita Attraction - Aeronautical Sciences Museum

Are you travelling with your kids who are into flying and aeronautical stuff? Then you have come to the right place. This is an aviation museum displaying aircrafts history along with other valuable items. The place is pretty close to Narita International airport – if you come to the observation room located on its fifth floor, you can see the airport.

If you are accessing Terminal 1 or 2, take the bus heading to AMB Minami Sanrizuka and then make a stop at the museum – yes, there is a bus stop pretty close to it. The fare is ¥200 for adults and ¥100 for kids.

Narita Dairy Farm Yume Bokujo Dream

Narita Attraction - Narita Dairy Farm Yume Bokujo Dream

If you want to enjoy a natural view and farm animals, you can go to this place. You can watch the hamsters, ducks, cows, and so much more. You can even try milking the cows on your own. It opens from 9 AM to 5 PM with ¥1,400 entrance fee for adults. From the airport, take the shuttle bus. It is only 15 minutes from the airport.

As you can see, you won’t lack entertainment and fun things when you are spending times at Narita International airport. If you are planning on coming to the country for your next vacation, don’t forget to plan everything. Make flights reservations through Airpaz and have tons of fun!


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