The Most Beautiful Mosques In The World

Almost every country in the world has the biggest and grandest mosques. The building was deliberately designed in a truly unique and beautiful way. Here are some of the most beautiful mosques in the world that can make anyone feel amazed and fascinated.

Ramadan Snacks You Should Try in Malay!

When breaking your fast, you may be lazy to eat heavy meals right away. You can enjoy a snack menu that is commonly called Ramadan takjil. You must try several Malaysian Ramadan snacks.

Tips to Stay Healthy during Fasting

Ramadan is coming soon. Muslims all over the world are obliged to perform fasting prayers for a whole full month, except for those who are unable to do so. But this Ramadan is likely to be the same as last year, as the Covid-19 virus is still among us. Then, are there any fasting tips in the midst of pandemic?

Delicious Filipino Street Foods and Snacks You’ve Got to Try!

Food and a country stick to each other. Food becomes the identity of a country and region. Travellers visit a new place sometimes for craving its typical food. Sometimes travellers also identify the area through the food. The same thing happens in the Philippines, where street foods and snacks are missed very much.

The street foods and snacks are typically sweet and sticky. They boost your mood and make your tummy full soon. Coconut, sticky rice, coconut milk, or brown sugar are typically the ingredients, but the other ingredients are still various. Let’s see what street food you can try when visiting the Philippines!

Cebu - Feature Image

Cebu and Its Many Hidden Gems in the Tourism Industry

The Philippines consists of several islands and some of them are quite popular as tourist destinations. Cebu, which is the ninth biggest island, is one of them. If you are into marine explorations, this would be an ideal place to spend your holiday. But no need to worry if the sea doesn’t appeal to you so much. There are other places of interest that may be more interesting to your taste. After all, Cebu has plenty of interesting spots to offer, thanks to the food, the energy, the architecture, and the people. It just has the right combination and mix that makes the island interesting.