Autumn Schedule in Japan and Amazing Tourist Places

Japan is a tourist destination country that is very popular with foreign tourists. It causes there are so many tourist attractions that make all eyes fascinated. Vacation time for you with your family is in the autumn where you can see the leaves turn red & yellow.

Autumn Schedule in Japan

Autumn began to enter northern Japan in September, then began moving south until early December. In order, you enjoy your holiday in autumn, you should first look at the latest autumn schedule in Japan.

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Prediction Area









End of September  – end of October

Early October  – early November

October – early December

Late October – early December

November – early December

Early November – late November

Mid November – early December

Early November – late November

After knowing the autumn schedule in Japan, you must know also cool and amazing tourist attractions. You must visit tourist attractions in Japan in the autumn.

  • Tohoku
Autumn Schedule in Japan in Tohoku

It is the right place if you go to Japan between the beginning of October to the beginning of November. In early October, you can go to the Hachimantai mountains, especially at its peak, Goshogake Onsen, Onuma Pond, Tamagawa Onsen, and Nyuto Onsen. In addition, you can also go to Lake Urabandai which is located on Mount Bandai.

In late October to early November, you can go to Natuko Gorge which is about two hours drive from Sendai. In this area, there are several pedestrian routes so you can enjoy the autumn atmosphere there. Don’t forget to take a photo of Ofukazawa Bridge that looks like it is floating above autumn leaves.

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  • Hokkaido

 It is the most appropriate destination for enjoying the fall if you want to experience the autumn schedule in Japan between mid-September and mid-October. Every year, the Daisetsuzan National Park Mountains are the first place in Japan to enjoy the autumn atmosphere. To enjoy it more, you have to hike around Mount Asahidake, Ginsendai, or Kogen Onsen if you arrive in mid to late September. Whereas in the beginning to mid-October, you can already enjoy the autumn atmosphere at lower places, such as around Sounkyo.

  • Kyoto

Come to Kyoto on mid-November to early December to enjoy the beauty of the fall. In late November to early December, you can visit the Arashiyama district, Kiyomizudera Temple, Eikando Temple, and Kodaiji Temple which are located not far from Yoshiminedera Temple. Nanzenji Temple, Chionin Temple, Shorenin Temple and Kitano Tenmangu are equally interesting places to enjoy the autumn atmosphere in Kyoto.

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  • Tokyo

The most appropriate time to enjoy autumn in Tokyo and its surroundings is from late October to early December. One of the most popular places is in Rikugien and Koishikawa Korakuen. Both are the two best parks in Tokyo and the most suitable time to visit there is from the end of November to early December.

  • Osaka

Located close to Kyoto, the best time to enjoy autumn in Osaka is the same from late November to early December. Go to Mino Park, a valley with beautiful waterfalls that blend in harmoniously with the red-yellow leaves in the fall.

In addition, there is a Ryuani Temple which has a small bridge with a bright red colour that will look similar to the leaf colour of the maple tree which also changes colour. You will also get a beautiful and romantic view if you go to Osaka Castle which is located in Chūō-Ku, Osaka.

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