Back to Nature by Enjoying Erawan National Park Thailand

Back To Nature By Enjoying Erawan National Park Thailand – Spending a holiday in the land of white elephants country, Thailand, will certainly be more meaningful if you visit something different with the uniqueness and extraordinary natural beauty. You can get it and enjoy all that you might never find other than in the Erawan National Park in Thailand.

Interesting in visiting this place, You can go to Kanchanaburi because Erawan National Park is the location in Tenasserim Hills in West Thailand, Kanchanaburi province Amphoe Si Sawat in Tha Kradan Tambon.

Erawan National Park covers 550 square kilometers and has a variety of natural offerings. One of the most interesting tourism spot is Erawan Waterfall. It has been established since 1975, and it is the 12th national park in Thailand. According to the Erawan National Park history, the name ‘Erawan’ is taken from ancient Hindu mythology, the 3-headed elephant.

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erawan national park thailand

Not only Erawan waterfall you can get there but also Erawan National Park activities others. It causes you can find forest wildlife during climbing. Deer, monkeys, and even elephants are often seen along the track. Swing your feet in the waterfall pool for natural foot exfoliation. Some ponds contain small fish that eat the layers of dead skin on your feet.

Are you not satisfied? Go 6 miles north of Erawan Waterfall, and you will find the Cave of Phra That. Take a free guided tour along the lamp-lit road bridge to see and learn about stalactites and stalagmites in the cave. Before go to Erawan National Park in Thailand you have to know Erawan National Park’s weather.

From March until September, the weather is quite hot but you will feel cold from November until February. It’s because Erawan National Park Kanchanaburi province Thailand has an average rainfall that is quite low each year.

erawan national park in thailand

Erawan National Park Opening Times

Look at that! Erawan National Park opening times at 8 am to 4:30 pm every day all year round. In order to enjoy your vacation, visit Erawan National Park earlier in the morning. Because if you come around 3 pm, rangers will ask you to leave and they will start cleaning from the top tier.

Erawan National Park entrance fee is divided to be 4 part. For adult foreigners visiting, they need to spend 300 THB, and 200 THB for child foreigners. But it’s cheaper for local visitors with 100 THB for adults and 20 THB for children.

Be careful to visit Erawan National Park Thailand during the weekends and public holidays, it’s because the national park is so crowded by any visitor. On 13- 15 April the annual Songkran Festival will be held so keep your electronic types of equipment like sensitive cameras or mobile phones during the festivities.

There are many Erawan National Park accommodation you can get. If you are hungry, get many restaurants, others various facilities, bungalows and a campsite next to the visitor center.

Discover the natural wonders of Erawan National Park in Thailand. Immerse yourself in its stunning waterfalls, lush forests, and diverse wildlife. Plan your adventure now and book your plane ticket exclusively at Airpaz. Experience the beauty of Erawan National Park and let Airpaz be your trusted travel companion.


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