Bali Volcano Eruption; Temporary Closed Ngurah Rai International Airport within 48 Hours

The main airport of the resort island Bali, Ngurah Rai International Airport is forced to close after the authorities have issued the Bali Volcano eruption’s highest-level warning. The warning also forces thousands of residents nearby the volcano to evacuate.

Bali Volcano Eruption eruption

Mount Agung started shooting the thick ashes to thousands of meters above on Saturday. The ashes flew away to the southeast and east along the archipelago so that many flights should cancel at least for 48 hours from November 27, 7.15 am until November 29  at 7.15 am (WITA)

Because of the flight’s cancellation, over 59,000 passengers were abandoned to travel from and to the airport. The flights that were scheduled landed to Ngurah Rai International Airport should be landed to the nearby airports during the close period.

The National Agency for Disaster Management delivered the alert of level 4 for the eruption on Monday. It was potential to make bigger eruption and no public activities allowed within 8-10 km from the top.

All people in the radius should be evacuated. Meanwhile, the raising of the alert to the highest level of Red by the Indonesia’s Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation was on Sunday.

About 40,000 people were evacuated on Monday afternoon. Even the Lombok International Airport on Lombok Island at the east of Bali was also temporarily closed for the bali volcano eruption effect.

bali volcano eruption - eruption bali

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Giving Amazing but Frightening Experiences for Some Travelers

As a popular tourist destination, a million visitors visit Bali from Australia and hundreds of thousands from China.

However, the main destinations are far from the volcano; Kuta Beach is over 40 miles away, Ubud is 31 miles to the southwest, and the airport in Denpasar is also distance.

The enormous ash and steam spread above into the air was even clearly visible from Lombok Island, giving amazing but frightening experiences. But, it didn’t endanger the people and travelers on the island.

Since the first warning of the Bali Volcano Eruption in September, the people who live in the radius of 12 kilometers should be evacuated.

The tourists also should avoid the red zone. After the announcement of the highest level warning, all people including the travelers should follow the instructions from the government.

If you have scheduled your trip to Bali within the temporarily closed period, you need to call the airline to get information about the flight reschedule time.

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